Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Was Broken Again

I wonder if there is one pair of glasses that will never, ever break. YES! Yours truly me has just broken my spectacles again. *sigh* Why did this have to happen before Chinese New Year? My wallet is bleeding again. :/ I wonder if there is one pair of spectacles that is unbreakable. Certainly there is...and the price tag will certainly break one's bank as well. Guess everything happens for a reason. Perhaps Chinese New Year is approaching, that's why something must be broken to usher the great, new year. LOL :D

 photo Glasses-ItWasBrokenAgain_zpsb0992f48.jpg

So how I break my glasses? You see...the story goes like this...I was totally damn exhausted yesterday (no thanks to my 2 hours of sleep), so while helping my buddy with his project I dozed off. My spectacles might have slipping right under my nose and landed on the ground without me knowing about it. When I woke up...I stood up and "KRRRRGGGHHHH" underneath my foot was my broken glasses. :/ When to make a new pair immediately and I am happy to say thanks to that accident, now I can see even clearer. So is this a blessing in disguise?

P.S.: So how many of you will break things accidentally or purposely to usher Chinese New Year? :p