Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tekkaus-Missing for 38 Days

For my regular blog readers, yours, truly me would like to apologize sincerely for my missing in action. I can't believe I haven't been blogging for the past 38 days. This is certainly a record that I have never ever imagined possible before this. So what have I been up to then? Besides busy moving into my new home, I am currently being bogged down by my never-ending work. It appears that my portfolio has increased so tremendously (not proportional to my minute increment) that sometimes I can hardly breathe. Like seriously...

 photo Tekkas-Missingfor38Days01_zps3785f59b.jpg
Me and my minions.

Both my babies are growing up very fast now. Both are highly mobile and they need more constant supervision and not to mention my undivided TLC (Tender Loving Care) Other times, yours truly me is busy saving the world with my red iron mask on. It's really not easy to be a superhero huh. :p Then again it is not that I really don't have any time at all (only the dead has none right?). It's just that I don't think that blogging is my main priority anymore. I would rather sleep or enjoy my time that being glued in front of the computer. *Help~help* I heard someone screaming for help. Gotta go now. Ha :D

 photo Tekkas-Missingfor38Days02_zps6d12288f.jpg
Yes. They call me Iron Man!

P.S.: Then again it took me less than 15 minutes to write this short post of mine. Blogging is easy huh.