Friday, November 30, 2012

Ladies~Is This How You Like Your Eggs?

If someone is about to cook an egg or some eggs for you, you will be asked, "How do you like your eggs?" right? Well~I like mine to be fried brown but the yolk should remain fluidly intact. Some love their eggs to be fried upside down; some love their eggs to be eaten raw. How about you? How do you like your eggs? Now...ladies. Imagine a shirtless, handsome, muscular guy is going to cook your breakfast and asked, "How do you like your eggs?" Will you say-FERTILIZED?


Please don't get me wrong ladies~I am not insulting anyone here. It is just a joke and one heck of a good  crude joke. That is why I decided to share it. I burst out laughing the moment I saw this. And the person who did this is really good at it. Just look at the facial expression of the girl? Her *horny* eyes are so widely opened as it she is so eager to get her eggs fertilized. Haha :D Poor lady. I wonder who is this famous girl. And about the guy~I am sure girls would want him to fry your eggs right? So ladies~how do you like your eggs?

P.S.: A bit sexist I know but it is just purely for laugh. Don't take it seriously. :)