Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now officially available in Malaysia. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the best smartphone in year 2012, no doubt about it. I believe by now, you would have bumped into people on streets holding this gargantuan smartphone. So Big Sammy continues to expand on what its predecessor has started out with, toting an all-round draft of improvements which include a bigger screen, a more blazing-fast quad-core processor plus a handful of new tricks up its slim 9.4mm thin sleeves with the notable inclusion of a more potent S Pen stylus. So have you noted down this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in your Christmas wish list? I bet Santa is using Galaxy Note 2 to organize all the wishes as well. :p

All the magic can be weaved just by waving the S Pen.

1~Quadruple Your Core: The new Galaxy Note 2 is loaded with an ultra-fast quad-core 1.6GHz processor so that everything becomes more fluid and smoother. No more glitches.

2~Bigger Screen: The front display has been upsized to a humongous 5.5inch HD Super AMOLED screen that is able to serve visually pleasing 1,280 x 720p HD videos.

3~Enormous SpaceS: Galaxy Note 2 is packed with a meaty built-in 16GB of space. Do note that you can even add the storage with the inclusion of a MicroSD slot. So you have both the integrated (built-in) and external storage (microSD) to serve you.

4~Stronger S Pen: The new S Pen is much more mightier than its predecessor. It features improved sensitivity and responsiveness making it one of the best stylus around.

5~View From The Air: Probably one of the best new features is the Air View which allows you to use your S Pen stylus to preview your content (in folders) without opening it. So you won't be wasting your time trying to find what you want.

6~Command & Conquer: The Quick Command in Galaxy Note 2 enables you to execute certain apps and access certain files faster with the customizable shortcuts. It's time to command and conquer with your voice cords.

7~A Real Multitasker: With its Multi Window feature, you can watch your movie and reply an email at the same time on the same screen. This is what we call real multitasking right? cool is that?

8~Captivating Cameras: The 8 MP rear camera is capable of capturing full HD video. Flip it and you will have a 1.9MP videocall camera. No more grainy videocalls.

9~Easy Home Screen: Of course not everyone is ready to toy with this marvelous Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The plethora of features alone might take you days to master. Fret not, as Big Sammy has an Easy Home Screen that makes things simple for you.

10~Juicier Juice: Don't you worry about running out of juices in a mere few hours. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a huge juice pack of 3100mAh. You can even swap the removable batteries should the need arise. Juicy?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the King of 2012!

Thinking of ditching your old phones? Then you will need a good upgrade in the form of this Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The fact that Note 2 has an S Pen makes it even more attractive than all the other not-so-smart Smartphones. I dare to say that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also the perfect gadget for artists, comic drawers and those who love to take notes in lecture halls. So ditch all your rotten apples for this tablet...opps! I mean smartphone. The retail price of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is RM 2,200.

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