Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride On Highways During Raya

My wife and I decided to return to Malacca on the second day of Raya, hoping that we can beat the traffic because we thought everyone must have "migrated" to their respective nests. We were of course wrong and were trapped in heavy traffic which was reduced to a crawl during half of our journey. Then again we kinda expected this and that was why we departed from our beloved City of Rain at around 10:30a.m. So mathematically speaking, we were crawling on the highways for like 3 hours? There were 2 accidents occurred along my journey, much to my dismay.

Can you see the long crawl home?

We could have left earlier at 5:30a.m. like what we did 4 days ago from Malacca to Taiping. However that would not be feasible as we wanted to have at least breakfast with my family in Taiping. That was why our journey was delayed a bit. After we had stuffed all our luggage into our car, we hit the road. Even before we hit passed the toll, we knew we would have a torrid time ahead of us as there were fleet of cars right in front of us. :'( Once we were "released" from the floodgate...all hell broke loose! It was so chaotic! At one point we were reduced to a standstill because of a pile-up accident involving 2 buses and 2 cars. :(

At times...all you can do is stop and stare...

That doesn't seem to bother the other motorists. Cars from "all walks of life", big or small, local or luxurious...all seemed to be in an utter hurry (including me).  All cars were speeding as if the roads behind them were collapsing, just like in the movie 2012. Yours truly me, was forced to go full throttle as well because all the cars in all 3 lanes were speeding...there was no way I could slow down...unless my car could fly. Then again I am used to driving at high-speed. Ha :D

One of the speeding buses... :/

However I have only one complaint when my car was being pushed around by 4 express buses which were supposed to be on the first, left-most lane. Imagine 4 gargantuan express buses breathing down your neck on the third (right-most) lane even when you were already blazing the track? Where are the police? Opps...I forgot...it is still Raya.