Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taiping-The Beautiful Land That I Love

Every since I first laid my eyes on her, I knew that my heart is destined to be Hers. Nope, I am not talking about my wife. Instead I am talking about her hometown-Taiping. Ha :D Like how I fell for my wife at the first sight, I was spellbound by the beautiful Taiping during my first visit as well. To me, Taiping is like a sanctuary. A hidden valley for me to rest, to be away from the hustle and bustle of Malacca. It is a home for me to recharge myself.

I love the view of the maintains that we visited recently. Aww...



I can't imagine going to KL all the time. No disrespect but I really hate the traffic in KL and some of the ignorant city dwellers. I am glad that my wife's hometown is Taiping. We are only able to go back to The City of Rain a few times a year, hence we really look forward to go home each time. Never mind that we have to travel 500km for more than 5 hours. After all it's worth it right? All the huge trees that are waiting for us...the enormous green mountains...the singing streams...I feel like going back already. Still remember my blog post-Strolling In Taiping lake Gardens? Aww...I am missing the trees and the lake.

Slideshow of Taiping Lake Gardens

To know that both my baby Jordan and baby Jasmine can enjoy the lush greenery of Taiping really makes me happy. Not only can they breathe in fresh, clean air, they can also see how the clouds are caressing the mountains and how the kingfishers are plunge into the water, hunting for they preys. Hence, I prefer to stroll with them in Taiping, to be close to mother nature...rather than pulling them around in huge shopping complexes. How about you?

This is Jasmine's very first encounter with mother nature.

What are you looking at Jordan boy?

The smiles on their faces said it all. :)

Too bad that I have yet to explore Taiping as I have to be with baby Jordan and Jasmine most of the time when I am back. Maybe when both of them are older, we can explore this beautiful City of Rain together, right my babies? I have yet to conquer the mountains and touch the clouds; I have yet to play with the water in the streams; I have yet to kick a ball with my bare feet on the huge green field. Then again I have plenty of time to do that as Taiping is after all my home. :)

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