Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jordan Boy Cracks Up While Playing iPad

My Jordan boy can be considered to be a fortunate boy. Why? He has not one but 2 tablets to toy around. One is Apple's 10inch iPad and the other one is the smaller, 7inch Android. I have installed many "educational" apps on both my tablets to entertain my son while allowing him to learn one thing or two at the same time. Out of all the apps, the ones he enjoys the most are musical and songs apps. I believe most toddlers and young children love music a lot right? :)

What is so funny Jordan boy?

Recently I managed to record my little Jordan having a candid moment with the iPad. He was playing with a musical app which is supposed to teach players the basics of you Then there is this part of the game where little Jordan gets to experiment the different types of musical instruments virtually. A musical instrument will be chosen, and when you touch it, it will be played. There is a drum, cymbal, eggs (???) and even a duckling? LOL :D Out of all the musical "instruments", the one that tickled Jordan boy the most is the cymbal. Let's watch:

So what are you playing with Jordan boy?

Jordan boy playing with the duckling.

Haha :D Why is that funny?

Watch how Jordan boy cracks up while learning how to be musical.

Sometimes I can't help but feel Jordan boy has inherited my "laughing genes". It's like he can laugh at anything that he comes across of touches. Haha :D So both of us have that funny bones in us huh! I wonder if he will turn out to be a clown, just like his old man when he grows up. If he does, I don't mind at all. After all being eccentric and a bit haywire is good for your health, right? Like father, like son. :)

The apple of my eye. :)

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