Monday, August 13, 2012

Gangliosides + DHA = Smart Kids

That's right parents. That's one of the important formula to help your kids to be smarter, and not to mention healthier. I have shared with you guys why having DHA alone in your children growing up milk will not be enough. That is because DHA are only the building blocks of our brain cells. Without linking these important brain cells together, they will be relatively redundant. Thus we need to link all these brain cells together to get the best out of our children's brains.

Jordan boy is a big boy right now.

He is very observant.

So what do you like to have?

The question is HOW can we link all the brain cells together? That is why our children also need Gangliosides which will support brain cells connections in our children's brains. Simply put, Gangliosides are like bridges that will connect all the brain cells together and unleash the potential of your little ones. Having said so, it is important to note that DHA and Gangliosides complement each other. They work hand-in-hand, in synergy, to help our children learn remarkably faster.

You need Gangliosides to bring out the best in DHAs. :D

So far ONLY Anmum Essential has both DHA and Gangliosides together in a unique formulation. Yep! No Disrespect but you won't be finding Gangliosides in any other brand growing up milk except Anmum Essential. Besides that, I am happy to know that the new Anmum Essential formulation has more DHA and more Gangliosides. Sounds like I am trying very hard to promote Anmum Essential right? Ha :D Well, I am only doing my part as a parent to recommend what I think is the best for my children to all the other parents out there.

Jordan knows what is inside of a wallet.

Besides wanting my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl to be smarter, I also want both of them to grow healthily. There is no way I am going to risk their health. That is why Anmum Essential is the best milk for my children. I know I have said this again and again...but I still wanna emphasize to all fellow parents out there: Anmum Essential is the ONLY growing up milk with absolutely no added sugars. Of course my claim is not baseless at all. Recently an independent research was carried out, showing the GL (Glycemic Load) of 7 different growing up milk powder in Malaysia.

Glycemic Load for different growing up milk powder.

Surprise! Surprise! Out of the 7, ONLY ONE (which is Anmum Essential) growing up milk powder has a low GL of 2.6 (the lower the better) which is similar to natural whole milk. That is why we parents should choose growing up milk powder with low GL. Remember: Health is wealth. You will not be happy if your little ones are not growing up healthily, will you?

He loves to play with balls-just like his old man. :)

I am really proud to see both my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl are growing up healthily. Jordan boy has just turned 2 recently and Jasmine girl will be 1 very soon. Both of them have shown us how much they have grown mentally and physically. My little boy has started to show us glimpses of his future musical talent. :p He can hum more than 10 different songs already. LOL :D To know that I am giving the best that I can for both my children really makes me happy.

Jordan can be cheekily naughty too, sometimes. :p

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