Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing With Baby Jasmine

Baby Jasmine is 6 months old now. She has grown up very quickly. In fact she has so far outdone her older brother in almost every "motory" department. Last month Jasmine has managed to roll over on her own. I believe Jasmine is more advanced because she is a girl. Right Jordan boy? ;) Our Jasmine is a big girl now, meaning that she is more demanding. Nowadays she doesn't want to be confined to her bassinet or walker. Jasmine demands to be carried all the time by her mommy and daddy...which can be extremely exhausting. Not to mention the ache we will feel later in our wrists. :p

My darling daughter. :)

Jasmine girl hates to see herself lying on her bassinet. She wants to move around, just like her "kor kor" (brother). So we will put her in the walker. Then she will excitedly chase her brother all around the house. However...after a while...Jasmine girl will get tired and that's when she will start to cry. She will look at both my wife and I, pleading for us to carry her. Of course we will immediately "free" her from her walker and carry her around. Instantaneously she will smile. :)

Sorry for the irritating sound that I made. :(
But I love my daughter's reaction. :)

Jasmine~where's mommy?

Jasmine girl soon realizes that being carried around is much more fun compared to walking on her own. She won't get tired and she can "follow" her brother way quicker. That's why sometimes she doesn't even want to be put into her walker. Naughty girl! Then again my wife and I love to carry her. And when we do, we like to play a game with Jasmine. If I am the one carrying her, I will ask her to find her mommy; If my wife is the one carrying her, she will ask Jasmine to find me. Haha :D