Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Jasmine Learns To Roll Over [PICS+VIDEO]

Little Jasmine is a bit more advanced compared to her elder brother when it comes to honing her motor skills. Last month she was barely 5 months old and she could already roll over with good control of her head. Perhaps it is because she is a girl? So she is more "mature" physically compared to her brother? Jordan could only achieve this feat when he was around 8 or 9 months old. It was really a joy watching how she tried to roll over. Sometimes it is a bit funny to look at her rolling over and both my wife and I can't help but laugh. Haha :D

Daddy~mommy~today I wanna learn to roll over.

I wanna show to daddy and mommy I am a big girl already.

Later daddy and mommy must help me~o.

Then again I think one of the main reasons why Jasmine wanted to learn to move around so fast is because of her brother. She likes to look at what Jordan boy is doing all the time. Her eyes will be following his every movement. Jordan is 21 months old now, so naturally he can move around very easily on his 2 feet. Perhaps Jasmine wants to play with his brother, thus motivating her to learn to move as quick as she she can. I can't wait to see both of them playing together. It will be a heart-warming sight. :)

Ok. I am ready...

First...I lift my left leg...


How come it is so far to swing my leg....hiyeak...

Yeah...I have swung my leg.

Now...I wanna lift my head...

Photobucket head is a bit heavy~o...

Yay! I managed to lift my head.

So how does Jasmine roll over from her back onto her tummy? Well, in order for a baby to be able to roll over she must have good control of her head first, which Jasmine has already mastered because she is very tough, remember? :p Fist she will turn her head to the side and then raises one of her legs to help her roll over. The turning of her head will provide that momentum to help turn her raised foot to the other side....voila she will be on her tummy already. Awesome! :)

Jasmine~good girl o. So "pandai" (clever).

Jasmine girl really loves her newly-found skill. It allows her to move around a bit on her Queen-size bed that she shared with mommy. At the time of this writing, she is able to roll over and crawl...backward already. Haha :D Yupe! She has mastered the "reverse gear". So every time she is "reversing", my wife and I will be mimicking the reverse sensor of a car. So bad of us huh! Well, Jordan boy learnt to move backward first before he eventually learnt to crawl forward. LOL :D

Watch how little Jasmine tries to roll over.

Time really flies huh! Just last year she was born and now she is moving on her own already. My wife and I are gonna cherish all these precious moments of our babies. We will always remember how Jasmine girl turned her head with her tongue stuck out before she rolled over. However...Jasmine girl can't roll from her tummy to her back again after rolling over. So she will cry when she cannot roll over and scream for our help. Ha :D

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