Monday, May 7, 2012

Catch A Mei Live In Hong Kong For FREE*

Didn't you know Zhang Hui Mei (张惠妹) aka A Mei was here? Did any of you missed A Mei's AMeiZING World Tour Live concert in Malaysia 2 days ago in Stadium Merdeka? For those of you who were able to be in Stadium Merdeka to catch a glimpse of A are lucky and blessed. I am sure you were blown away by A Mei's stage theatrics, crazy performances and amazing vocal!  I missed A Mei in action...too bad!  I don't think A Mei will be returning to Malaysia anytime soon. So? We have to wait for another few years to see A Mei sings her lungs out?

Aiyoh! I missed A Mei here in Stadium Merdeka!

If you are like have missed catching A Mei live in KL...don't worry. You can still catch her live in Hong Kong for FREE* (almost)! So who wanna catch A Mei Live in concert Hong Kong For FREE, complete with all-expense paid trip? Apart from that you can bring along a friend to join you. OMG! Imagine you, being flown all the way to Hong Kong to catch A Mei who is dubbed the "Taiwanese Madonna" for free. You don't have to fork any money at all. I want to join this and bring my wife to Hong Kong! Haha :D

Wow...this is a dress fit for a costume,  right A Mei?

Aww...this looks like the Carnival in Brazil!

Wow...didn't know A Mei can actually drum!

What's with the cape? So A Mei is now part of the Avengers as well?

So how can this epic trip to Hong Kong to catch A Mei live in concert can be yours MINE? Simple. All you need to do is download A Mei Call Me Tones from 20th of March to 15th of May to be in the running to catch the Diva live in HK for free! Well...almost free. :p Unbelievably simple right? You get the awesome Call Me Tone and even the chance to see A Mei in Hong Kong! So how to download A Mei Call me Tones? All you have to do is...

1~dial *888*<Call Me Tones Song Code>#
2~Press "Call"

Here are a few of A Mei Call Me Tones that you can subscribe to:
1. Bu Xiang Ge Da Ren
2. Bu Yao Luan Shuo
3. Chinese Girl
4. Dan Chun
5. Hai Huo Tian Kong
6. Ping Chang Xin
7. Ren Zhi
8. Suo Yi Wo Yuan Yi
9. Wo Yao Kuai Le
10. Yin Wei Ni Zai
*RM1.50/week for each song.

So which A Mei Call Me Tone did you subscribe to? I subscribe to the 9th song-Wo Yao Kuai Le (我要快乐 as in I Want To Be Happy). This is one of my favourite tunes from A Mei. It keeps on reminding me that no matter what happens, life still goes on...and I need to live my life happily. How about you? Don't forget to stay happy all the time ok. And not forgetting to smile always. :)

Do enjoy A Mei's Wo Yao Kuai Lei ( I Want To Be Happy)