Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Am A Nivea Man. How About You?

Ok...this post might sound a bit "gay"...nonetheless I am proud to say that I am a Nivea Man. I have been using Nivea For Men products for years and I am one satisfied and happy user. Currently I am using Nivea's facial wash, moisturizer (once in a blue moon) and deodorants. I started to use facial wash when I hit puberty at 13 years old. Back then my whole face is like a moon. Full of pimples. Haha :D I think it was because of the onset of puberty. Thank goodness those hundreds of pimples have gone a few days after they surfaced.

The Nivea products that I am using.

Although my face is considered generally clean without is still oily. That is why I need to wash my face every single day. If I don't...the pores of my skin might get clogged and that is when little volcanoes start to appear. Worse comes to worst...the volcanoes will erupt and spew out the lava all over my face. Euuww...but I seldom have any pimples on my face lar...they will appear like once in 2 or 3 months...I think so. This usually happens when I don't wash my face. Haha :D

The best-Nivea Whitening Cleanser & Scrub.

With Nutri-repair, acne oil control...blah...blah...blah. See? So good!

I think the best facial wash I have ever used is Nivea's 10-in-1 Whitening Cleanser & Scrub. Every time after using this facial wash, I feel very, very invigorated and fresh. As if I have just peeled off a few layers of my "dirty" skins from my face. As for the moisturizer...I think I have only used it like a few times. Haha :D But the deodorants...I cannot go to work without it. If I don't apply Nivea's deodorant before put on my formal attire, I will smell like a skunk in the office. Ha :D

I am proud Nivea Man. :)

You know what? There was this what time...I really thought about embracing the idea of being metro-sexual. That was why I did take extra good care of myself some time ago. But not anymore...I think being metro-sexual is a bit gayish. No disrespect ok. Plus...I don't really care about my appearance anymore. Right now I just wanna stay clean, neat and tidy. But I still am a proud Nivea Man. How about you?

What brands of men skin care
products are you using?