Monday, April 16, 2012

Loitering @ MidValley For 5 Hours

It's good to be loitering in a huge mall once in while, especially one which is away from home. So yesterday morning, my wife, sister-in-law and 2 babies were driven by their chauffeur-me, to to MidValley Megamall. We departed at 8a.m. and reached the doorstep of the gargantuan mall after 1 and a half hour. Could have been thanks to the lousy roads in KL. One miss-turn and I had to be detoured for 15 minutes. :/ Anyway we were really excited to be there, especially Jasmine girl as it was her very first visit. It must be really enjoyable to be lying in your own car (stroller) and being driven (pushed) around in this enormous shopping complex huh, Jasmine? :)

Toycity. Too bad there is no interesting toys that caught our eyes.

Guess what were they pointing at?

Can you believe that we spent more than 5 hours in MidValley with 2 babies? Surprisingly both of them coped really well. It's like a normal outing in Malacca. Both of my babies were neither tired nor uncomfortable to be in MidValley. So how did we loitered in MidValley? From  top to the bottom of course. Jordan is really a loving brother. Jordan boy insisted that he pushed the his sister who was in the stroller all the time. He would be unhappy should we carry him. Poor little boy....imagine, walking around for hours, pushing the stroller. He is not even 2 years old. Perhaps he thinks it is his responsibility to protect his sister? :'(

Jordan boy-the loving brother. :)

When we reached the ground floor where all the good foods were waiting for was already 12p.m. So we made our ways to the place where we will be filling ourselves up with lots of spicy "chilis". :p We enjoyed our meal and loved the ambiance. After that, we proceeded with our Window Shopping expedition as we loitered into The Gardens. We had spoonful of desserts before we called it a day. :)

Yours truly me together with "Rusty". :)

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