Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Malaysian Prime Minister-Najib Doesn't Know How To Stack Bricks?

This must be one of the funniest photos of Najib I have ever seen. Kudos to Najib for making us "proud"! Apparently...recently our Malaysian Prime Minister has visited the Rakyat (people) to launch a program which has something to do with building I guess. Then Najib was supposed to stack up the bricks and layered them with cement to build a wall. Now most of us have known that the correct way to lay the bricks is to stack 2 bricks on top of a another brick with the vertical joint staggered on top of the lower brick at the middle part, right? Apparently...Najib doesn't know about this.

~I am Osem~
This is what Najib was thinking!

Hence a lot of people are "debating" about what was Najib thinking when he stacked those bricks? Wwas he thinking about his wife? Impossible right? Was he thinking about his Cambodia girlfriends (if any)...or was he romantically thinking about Anwar? Haha :D So much so until he didn't even know how to lay the bricks? That is why Najib-Our Malaysian Prime Minister appeared on 9Gag for failing to stack bricks the correct way. Now we are talking about our country's most important Hahahaaha :D

This is what they were thinking.

So why can't Najib lay the bricks correctly? What had happened? Is it because...he is so noob (no disrespect) until he is clueless about stacking bricks together for building wall? Or is is because Najib has never played with Lego before when he was young? Or was it because he has never played with Tetris before? Or is it because he was too tired that he simply stacked the bricks together to call it a day? Or is it because Najib purposely did it to garner more attention on him? All in all...he doesn't matter anymore. Because it shows how funny Najib can be huh!

P.S.: No disrespect to our Prime Minister...but this is really funny. I still think our chubby Najib makes a good leader...but definitely not a good builder. Nice one~Noobjiv...I mean Najib. :)