Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Zombie-ing Around With Cranberries!

Who can forget the chorus of their song-Zombie~Zombie~Zombie~Ei~Ei~Ei? It's like one of the most addictive songs I have ever heard in my entire life. Who else can beathe life into Zombie better than the band Cranberries? Surprisingly this song has nothing to do with the undead rising from their graves like in MJ's Thriller nor it has anything to do with the infected citizens of Racoon City. Zombie is a heart-warming song that touches the souls of millions of people who love peace. Zombie teaches us to make love and not war.

Who can forget them? The Zombies who eat cranberries. :p

Cranberries' Zombie is about how wars have destroyed the lives of innocent people. It's about how the people in war-ravaged countries have to suffer the physical and emotional pain of losing someone they love. Zombie tells about wars which do not seem to have ending, which keep on devouring the souls of people who are involved in it. It's like they are slowly losing their humanity...their thirst for blood, revenge and power has turned them into...Zombies at the expense of other innocent lives.

Make love war...

So to me...Cranberries' Zombie fronted by the rockalicious Dolores O'Riordan, is like one of the legendary songs that people in my era should listen to before they, themselves turn into...zombies-dead~lar! Now we Malaysians, have the opportunity to watch Cranberries live in Malaysia at Stadium Negara on the 4th of April 2012. Do you know that Cranberries is arguably one of the most successful rock band in the 90s with more than 15millions albums sold in the US alone. So who wanna join me and become one of the zombies to linger in their concert?

Dolores O'Riordan belting out~Zombie~Zombie~Zombie~Ei~Ei!

So who wanna zombie-ing around with other zombies while Cranberries blast out this powerful "dead" song? I have a great news for "zombies" who are Celcom customers: You are entitled to 20% discount for any seating tiers. BUT you must hurry as this special offer will only last until the 31st of March and you can only buy a maximum of 4 tickets for you and your other zombie friends. For more information, check out this Celcom Cranberries website to find out more.

*gasped* Zombies are in KL?

A~ha! That's not it. Wanna push your zombie-ing experience a notch higher? Why not get the BLUE ZONE tickets? How? There are 2 ways to get the prized BLUE ZONE tickets...behold...

1~Belt out (sing) your best version of Zombie by dialing *2299009. Listen to a snippet of the song and then press 1 to start singing Zombie~Zombie~Zombie~and 2 FREE Blue Zone tickets can be yours.
2~Subscribe to Moko/Frenzer/Frenspot/Speesh. Post a handsome or beautiful photo of you imitating the Cranberries and 2 FREE Blue Zone tickets might be yours.
3~Subscribe to Facebook (Type F and send to 32665) and Twitter (Type T and send to 29800) via SMS. Then follow Cranberries on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win not only the 2 free Blue Zone tickets but also an autographed CD. How cool is that aye?

Last but not least we Cranberries' fans must have a piece of them on our phone. We go to, subscribe to The Cranberries Call Me Tones and we could be on our way to PARIS. Yupe! An all expense-paid trip for 2 to the Cranberries is up for grab. Imagine you and your loved one, singing your lungs out in the City of Love overlooking the Eiffel Tower! Awesome right? Most importantly don't miss Cranberries in action while they are here in Malaysia ok? Let's learn how to be Zombie again by singing our "anthem", shall we?

Let's watch and sing Zombie together!

~Cranberries' Zombie Lyrics~
Another head hangs lowlyChild is slowly takenAnd the violence cause of silenceWho are we mistaken?

But you see, it's not me, it's not my familyIn your head, in your head they are fightingWith their tanks and their bombsAnd their bombs and their gunsIn your head, in your head, they are crying

In your head, in your headZombie, zombie, zombieHey, hey, heyWhat's in your head, in your headZombie, zombie, zombie?Hey, hey, hey, heyOh, do, do, dou, do, do, dou, do, doDou, do, do, dou, dou, do, do, dou

Another mother's breakin'Heart is taking overWhen the violence 'causes silenceWe must be mistaken

It's the same old theme since 1916In your head, in your head they're still fightingWith their tanks and their bombsAnd their bombs and their gunsIn your head, in your head they are dying

In your head, in your headZombie, zombie, zombieHey, hey, heyWhat's in your head, in your headZombie, zombie, zombie?Hey, hey, hey, heyOh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, hey, oh, yaa, yaa

So how do you feel now? Very energetic right? Do you the inside of your burning right now? Do you feel like you are losing your senses and you are turning into a zombie? I don't...but I am sure you will be listening and singing to this song again and again these few days because it is~In Your Head~In Your Head~Zombie~Zombie~Zombie~Ei~Ei!