Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jordan Boy's Cheeky Smile

The other day when my Jordan boy saw his own reflection on a mirror, he started to have this cheeky smile. He will grin and stick out his tongue when he smiles right now. We can barely see his eyes when he does this. So this your brand new way to flash your smile, isn't it Jordan boy? Very cheeky of you aye. My wife and I simply love to see him clapping his hands together with his undisguised glee. so immaculate...we love the innocence in his expression. :)

Daddy~I have a new smile to show you.

See~I can smile with my tongue stuck out.

Aww...I simply love his cheeky smile.

Sorry for the not-so-good picture quality. It is really that grainy huh! Perhaps due to the low-light condition. Then again the important thing is that we managed to capture these priceless moments of our little baby. Aww...I will miss these little moments of ours as he grows older. :)