Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are You A Foodie? Come nom~nom~nom!

Are you a foodie who loves to nom~nom~nom (as is eating)? Do you love to get your friends together and try new delicious cuisine and taste new things?  If you are then you’ve probably noticed how amazingly expensive it is to eat out, these days, particularly with a group of friends.  That’s why IMHO Groupon is so damn amazing!  Groupon is a phenomenal resource for foodies everywhere in this world!  As most of you have known, Groupon allows businesses to offer discounts deals while advertising their business.  The bonus for you is that you get to use those unbelievable “coupons” and share them with your friends.  So you win~I win~Everybody wins!

This certainly looks like heaven to me...

Sometimes (or most of the time) you get a crazy discounted deal (like a meal for a whopping 50% or even MORE!) and your friends get it too. The more people who are involved, the better it is. Of course, not all of the deals will be the same. Each business sets stipulations for their vouchers, such as “not good for seafood dishes” or “in house only” or “one Groupon per table”.  So it is up to you to choose your deals. Now looking at Groupon today, you’ll find vouchers for 50-50% off on Italian Bistros, Mexican Restaurants and Cafes.

OMG...why am I drooling...

Apart from that the Featured Deals change daily and will keep you in fine dining at low prices for weeks or even months! So are you ready to fine-dine without burning wallets and deepening your pockets? This is the time when you need to be haunting Groupon. For we foodies out there, Groupon is also a great way to discover new places in our locality.  Why don't we make a night of it especially if it is Friday night? You’ll find  entertainment stores, cafes and more advertise their hot bargains on Groupon. It's like haven for us.

Think that fine-dining is only for the rich? Not anymore. :)

Imagine that you could make a night of it with a friend and go bowling, have a fantabulous meal and watch a new flick all for under $100 after a good perusing of Groupon.  So if going out, discovering new things (and not to mention foods!) is your kind of thing, don’t be held back by financial concerns.  Log on to Groupon today and start saving money and having more fun!  To sweeten the pot, you’ll find that sharing Groupon with your friends can even earn you Groupon Bucks!  What???