Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Are My Chocolate Royal

Besides her devotion and unconditional love for me, what really makes my wife irreplaceable in my heart is the subtle attention that she gives to all those little things in our lives-especially me. Without me saying anything, my wife knows what she needs to do when I am feeling down; She knows what words to utter to cheer me up; She knows what I like to eat and drink....well...she knows everything about me as if she has known me her whole lifetime. :)

My wife knows how to pamper me. :D

Just the other day she bought me a slice of Chocolate Royal which is my favourite from Coffee Bean. Perhaps she wanted to pamper me after seeing how tired I was these few days. It's good to have someone who cares for you, looking after you all the time right? I know that she is the only one who will always have faith in me when everyone else in the world doubts me. She is my everything...and yeah...she is my Chocolate Royal as well. Nom~nom~nom~ :D

I love Chocolate Royal!

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