Thursday, January 12, 2012

Volkswagen Polo To Be Won-Your Last Day!

Yes. You heard me right. Today (if you are reading this on the 12th of January 2012) is the LAST DAY for you to win yourself a Volkswagen Polo worth RM115,000! Imagine driving a new, posh car that comes all the way from Germany. What a start that will be for your new year right? Besides this grand prize, if you are lucky enough you can also stand a chance to win up to RM7,000 daily. Imagine what you can do with RM7,000? A lot right?

The sleek and elegant Volkswagen Polo!

Apparently this contest (Sorry. This contest is only happening in Malaysia) has been going on for almost one month now and today is your final day for you to grab yourself a cash prize of up to RM7,000 and ultimately a brand new car-Volkswagen Polo! So how do you participate? Simple: Come join the Call Me Tone-A-Thon contest. All you have to do is spend RM15 to purchase 6 Call Me Tones and voila you will be in the running to win yourself lots of money and a uber cool German car! Here's how:

Type CAR and send it to 22222

You will be charged RM5 by sending the above message and you will get 2 Call Me Tones for 1 month (usually it will be RM12). So you have to buy 6 Call Me Tones, meaning that you have to type Car and send it to 22222 thrice (3 times) in order to be the lucky winner of RM7,000 cold hard cash and the awesome Volkswagen Polo! More important your friends who call you will now have the chance to listen to your cool, funky or maybe sentimental Call Me Tone. If you think 6 is not enough for your friends, you can get all 4,000 songs to be your Call Me Thon at Ha :D So don't pick up the phone yet. Let it ring~

Remember today is your final day. The closing date is 12-01-2012!
Ouh~Polo~can you let me drive you home?