Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Our Wedding Anniversary

I can still remember the day my wife and I tied our blissful knot and then penned down our names to be officially known as legal husband and wife. Our lives have never been the same anymore since that day...well...my life has never been the same since we got together almost six years ago. I would be lying if I tell you that our "adventure" has been a smooth-sailing one. In fact we have to navigate through rough unpredictable seas, face the merciless storms and being left helplessly when wind becomes non-existence. Still we are still together through the goods and the bads.

It's our anniversary again. :)

I believe no other woman would wanna be in the same boat with me except my wife; She is the only woman who would sacrifice everything and endure the hardships that come with my life. I owe her a lot...in fact I owe her everything. Hereby I want my wife to know that we will still be together no matter what happens in the future. I wanna grow old with her and hold her hands in mine until I am on my dead bed. She will still be my one and only wife in 10 years' time, 20, 30, 50 or should I say even in the afterworld? Sweetie, "Happy Anniversary to you. I will always love you. Muack~:-x"

Hubby and you. Always. Forever. :)

P.S.: There is no fancy celebration this year as my wife is still in her confinement. Next year ok sweetie? :)