Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Watch Ramayana The Epic Animation Right Now!

First thing first I would love to wish all my Indian friends-Happy Diwali or also known as Deepavali. A year has gone and now we are celebrating the Festival of Light again. I am sure most of you (in Malaysia) will be enjoying your public holiday right? But do you know why our fellow Indian friends celebrate this joyous festival? Do you have any idea what Deepavali signifies? Do you know the name of the little "lanterns" that our Indian friends light up? You can find out the answers by reading this post: Happy Diwali Everyone.

Ramayana The Epic Animation

They say behind every festival, there is an epic story to it. The same goes to Deepavali. So the epic behind this heartfelt Festival of Light is none other than Ramayana. I believe I have watched the cartoon version of the epic at least 10 times. Do you know that Ramayana is actually a story that span 24,000 verses in 7 books? No wonder I am always awestruck when I watch the cartoon. However today I am going to share with you the latest reincarnation of this Ramayana epic in the form of animation.

Watch how Rama saved his wife from the clutches of evil Ravana.

Ramayana the Epic animation was released last year in conjunction with Deepavali. How many of you have seen this animation? I have only got to know about this movie recently. Ha :D This epic tells the legend of Rama (who is the reincarnation of God Vishnu), whose wife Sita has been  abducted by the demon king-Ravana. Rama's journey to save his abducted wife is really breathtaking to say the least. OK! I think I have divulged more than enough for those who have not heard or seen this epic before. Now~shall we watch Ramayana the Epic Animation right now? YES. You can watch this 100 minutes epic animation in my blog.

Ramayana The Epic Animation.

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So what do you think folks? I think the team behind this movie has done a tremendous job animating an epic which is close to the heart of millions people. Then again the story behind Ramayana itself is already very, very stunning. Besides showing us how mighty Rama is, this epic has also reminded us that we need to have humility in whatever we do. This is truly an exhilarating movie that everyone should watch today. After all it is Deepavali right? Go grab your popcorn and diet coke, and watch Ramayana the Epic Animation in my blog. :D

Happy Diwali everyone.
Haha :D I love this Deepavali poster.