Monday, October 17, 2011

Should I Switch To Cafe21?

Recently my wife bought me a new blend of coffee-Cafe21, after I ran out of Nescafe supply. Actually this was not the first time I have tasted this coffee. I received two sachets of this coffee some time ago from Wenn. But I got to know this exquisite mixture of Cafe21 earlier from Mariuca. She said Cafe21 tastes better than Nescafe. Now that I have 25 sachets of these Cafe21 at my disposal...I can taste it on my own and see if it is indeed better than Nescafe...which I doubt. Let's see if it can prove my expectation otherwise. :)

My new coffee-Cafe21

I bought this packet of Cafe21 coffee for RM8.30. I almost mistaken it for Nescafe because it is also red in colour. I guess most of the food and beverages come in red packages to stimulate our hunger and thirst huh! Inside you will find 25 red packets (or sticks) of coffee. What's so special about Cafe21? For starters Cafe21 claims that it doesn't have any added sugar. Meaning that there is only coffee and creamer. Cafe21 uses Arabica coffee beans which are sourced from Columbia. And do you know where is coffee originates from? From our neighbour down south-Merlion.

For the health-conscious you.

All the way from Colombia?

Is Cafe21 now my preferred choice?

Now, it's judgement time: So far I have drunk around 10 sachets of Cafe21. Hence it is safe to say that I am qualified to compare it alongside with Nescafe. After drinking a cup of Nescafe, I will drink a cup Cafe21 to compare their tastes and vice versa. After downing so many cups of coffee, both Nescafe and Cafe21...I humbly thinks and feels that Cafe21 taste better and it is more aromatic compared to Nescafe. Besides that Cafe 21 is much healthier as there is no added sugar. So? I am switching to Cafe21. Don't worry Nescafe, I will still indulge in you from time to time.

P.S.: A sachet of Nescafe (20g) contains 14g of sugar. So each cup of Nescafe (red sachet) contains around  of 70%?