Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lion For Jordan & Cuckoo Clock For Me

Last week I received not 1 but 2 separate, surprise packages all the way from Perak. They were gifts from my blogger buddy-Wenn (again). Ha :D Previously she has sent both of us gifts too-Gifts For Tekkaus Senior & Junior. This time around the 2 gifts were also meant for me and little Jordan. One of the larger packages came via our national courier-Poslaju while the other arrived in my mailbox as a registered postage. I wanna thank Wenn for being so generous. I felt so "paiseh" embarrassed to receive presents from her again.

The 2 packages that we landed in our doorstep.

It was actually for Jordan's birthday.

Can you tell which package belongs to little Jordan? The small one or the big one? No prize for guessing...of course the huge parcel is meant for him. "See Jordan boy? Aunty Wenn so sayang (love) you." Ha :D It was actually a belated birthday present for Jordan boy. Let us what is inside of Jordan's boy gift which came all the way from Perak. It was a plush toy with mane-it is a cute Lion. :) Besides that these is another "smiley" plush toy that will giggle like a baby when you touch it. Little Jordan really loves both his new toys.

It is a plush toy for Jordan.

A charming lion for Jordan boy. :)

Jordan gets hyped up...and plays with his lion.

A~ha~a smiley. :p

Watch how the Smiley Plush toy works.

Do you like your gifts Jordan boy?

So what's in the mail for Papa Tekkaus? Ha :D I understand that I received this gift for winning a prize in a contest organized by Wenn while she was away for holiday. I squeezed the mail with my fingers to feel what was inside of it. what was inside of it? It was pretty soft and "squeezable". I could even hear the sound of plastic wrapper being ruffled. Hmmm....what could it be? I tore open the brown envelope and found my favourite sachets in it. Inside-there were 5 sachets of coffee: 2 Old Town, 1 Super and 2 Cafe 21. Aww....thanks Wenn.

How about me?

Ouh~coffee. :D

5 sachets of coffee for me. Yay!

Wait...what is this? It came all the way from Switzerland?

Photobucket adorable Cuckoo Clock. :D

But there is another blue little sachet.  What could it be? I carefully opened it and found something rather adorable inside. It was a Cuckoo Clock. It is an intricately crafted cuckoo clock. Tiny it might be-but not in details. There are 4 little people perching cutely on the deck of the Cuckoo Clock. Although no bird will be springing out from it, I still love this cuckoo clock a lot. Ha :D Now my very own Cuckoo Clock is "hang" magnetically on my fridge. So again thank you to Wenn for her gifts. Tekkaus junior and senior really appreciate our presents.


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