Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Not-so-good Starbucks Experience!

Last weekend my wife and I decided to pay Starbucks a visit. After our pleasant patronage to Coffee Bean where we had latte, vanilla and muffin, some of my readers said that the coffee and cakes in Starbucks are more delicious and there are more varieties. My wife and I heeded their recommendation and brought along little Jordan to snack on some muffin (again). We were hoping that little Jordan would enjoy his first visit to Starbucks...however it didn't turn out well for the three of us. I was disappointed thrice that night...

The famous twin-tailed siren.

I think there is like...only one Starbucks in Malacca, which is in Mahkota Parade. After parking our car, off we headed to Starbucks with high expectations. Upon entering, we were greeted by lots of yummy-looking cakes and not to mention, muffins as well. So Starbucks do have more variety compared to Coffee Bean aye. We looked at the menus hovering on top of the baristas...and surely we were spoilt for choice. After wondering for a long time...

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin for Jordan boy.

We finally decided to order: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (for Jordan Boy), Chocolate Tuxedo, Caramel Chocolate, Java Chip Frappuccino and Green Tea Latte. Let's talk about the muffin first shall we? We ordered this for little Jordan because he loves his muffin in Coffee Bean. Unfortunately...the same cannot be said about this muffin. Little Jordan instantaneously spitted out the muffin that we fed him. What had happened? Does it really taste that bad? I asked my wife and this is her reply, "The muffin in Coffee Bean is way tastier!" *sigh* First disappointment.

Chocolate Tuxedo: The better of the two.

Chocolate Caremel: Too sweet...

After that both my wife and I grabbed our fork to taste our 2 slices of chocolatey cakes: Chocolate Tuxedo and Caramel Chocolate. Both these cake tasted OK, only. My wife told me that the cakes are not to her liking and she asked my if I enjoyed them...and my answer was, "The Chocolate Royal in Coffee Bean is more delicious!" So there is indeed more variety in Starbucks...BUT the cakes and food there is not good enough for Starbucks' own standard and fame. *sigh* Second disappointment.

My "weird-tasting" Frappuccino.

My wife's satisfying mug of green tea latte.

I can't really compare the beverage as I seldom drink Frappuccino...but yours, truly me can't help but feel that I am drinking a herbal tea. Weird :/ Likewise my wife said that both my Frappuccino and her green tea latte tasted perfectly fine. OK. I was not disappointed. the third disappointment that I mentioned earlier was about what? You could have guessed it if you have been my ardent Twitter followers. Read on to find out...

At least little Jordan enjoyed the "chilliness" of my Frappuccino. :D

If was drizzling as we were stepping out of Mahkota Parade. We hurriedly stormed into the car and ignited the engine. "Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat-belts. We are going home!" I cried. I floored the accelerator and looked up..."Holy Shit! We are trapped!" We were trapped in a fleet of cars struggling to get out of the parking lot. My baby boy, my wife and I was trapped in the parking lot...for 1 freaking hour! Never in my life I have been trapped for so long (in Malacca). Wrong timing I guess. That totally ruined our already not-so-good Starbucks visit. *groan* Third disappointment!

P.S.: Sorry for the terribly-looking photos. They are not well-exposed as I was using my Nokia E72 to capture them.

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