Monday, September 26, 2011

Latte, Vanilla, Muffin & Cake @ Coffee Bean

Yesterday my wife, little Jordan and I had our so-called after dinner snack at Coffee Bean. I wanted to treat my wife to something special because she cooked dinner for me yesterday. So after doing our shopping at Jusco, we made our way to Coffee Bean. Actually both of us were still very full after our dinner. But that was not going to stop us from having coffee (me) and dessert. I placed my baby Jordan in the baby chair and off I went to order what the 3 of us would be enjoying. Wanna know what we had at Coffee Bean?

What we had at Coffee Bean.

Hot Chocolate Muffin.

Irresistible Chocolate Royal.

Hot Vanilla and Double Chocolate Latte!

No matter where we go, we will try to dine at eateries where little Jordan will have something to eat. So I ordered Chocolate Muffin for little Jordan. Although each of these muffins cost a whopping RM4.90, my wife and little Jordan enjoyed every single bite of it. It was very delicious, more so since it was served hot. My wife and I also shared a slice of Royal Chocolate Cake. Aww...this slice of chocolately indulgence is way tastier compared to the one in Secret Recipe. I simply love every single spoon of it. Simply heavenly~

Little Jordan and his Chocolate Muffin.

"Mommy~hurry up! I want mam mam!"



My gorgeous wife with our "gargantuan" drinks.

Our dining at Coffee Bean would not be complete without sipping a glass of coffee right (especially for me). Actually...we had more than just a glass. They were huge mugs. So for beverages, I had a HUMONGOUS Double Chocolate Latte while my wife enjoyed her Hot Vanilla. OMG! I reckon my huge mug of Double Chocolate Latte has a volume of around 1 liter? There's almost 2 pints of caffeine down my throat right into my tummy. No wonder I am filling so fact my stomach is still bloated. Buuurrppp. I love Coffee Bean. :)

Double Chocolate Latte fits to be my caffeine supply for 1 week. :p

P.S.: Sorry for the poor image quality. Taken with my Nokia E72. Then again you can blame the dimly-lit Coffee Bean. LOL :D

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