Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back-stabbed? Have You Been Embroiled In Office Politics?'s about time aye? What took her so long? :p Finally...I heard from one of my colleagues that I have been bad-mouthed by another colleague. Apparently she told my department head that I am always being "blur", as if I don't know what I am doing day in day out. Am I bothered? Of course not. I have always believed that I have been doing my very best in my "optimum" capacity. However some of my other colleagues are not as lucky as me as they have been "back-stabbed" quite seriously...several times.

It hurts a bit...but it will heal...

Some have been labelled by her as an emotional fool; Some have been criticized by her because they are making more money compared to her~blah~blah~blah. It seems like she is so darn FREE that she can badmouth just about anyone and anything. Aren't we supposed to work as a team? I am sure my department leader will be wise enough to know what is happening. Then again I am quite perplexed to know that she had badmouthed me. Why? Because I rarely talked to her...let alone mingle with her. Besides we have never worked as a team. Makes me wonder why...


I have been hearing rumors from my colleagues, saying that she is a two-faced cheat. Seems like a lot of them are not happy to be working with her in the same company. She is getting married and she will be someone wife and this how she is going to teach her children? Beats me. As for me...I couldn't be bothered at all. I don't mind ignoring a "fake" colleague. The truth is...I don't really mingle with most of my colleagues especially my female colleagues because I think they are rather dangerous. I only speak to them about work. Guess that I am going to "block" another colleague who has proved herself to be a backstabber.
Women...they are dangerous...very dangerous...

Maybe she wants to scale higher and gets promoted. Go ahead, I don't mind at all. Ha :D All in all I believe that my version of being "bad-mouthed" might sound a bit ridiculous to you right? I have heard cases where people have even been framed by their colleagues. Some are so jinxed that they have even been made the scapegoat for something not of their doings. Are you a victim of office politics as well? Care to share how you have been backstabbed, badmouthed or framed? :p

P.S.: I don't mind being backstabbed by your lies as long as you keep my family out of it if not...I am going give you hell!