Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tired? Do You Want To Party & Relax @ Xplay?

I slept at 4am this morning. Damn! Why? Because I had tonnes of paperworks to be done. Just when you think that sitting in front of the computer, working with your keyboards, papers and pens are easy...think again! In fact I think it is so exhausting to be working with your brain all the time. To be mentally active constantly is not good at all. I would rather do something that involve just my brawn. Ha :D I think I need a breather before I "collapse" suddenly.

So much work...I am "cluttered"! :/

I used to think that by studying hard and etching my name on the ivory tower (university), I would be able to make a comfortable living without breaking my bones under the hot scorching sun. I have always believe that office job is easy as you will be using more of your IQ and EQ. Then again...ever since I became an official adult  working as a "professional executive", I have discovered the grass isn't that green anymore. It is actually very tiring to be an intelligent hero. At times I am at my wits' end. :/

I think I need to stop using my brain and start relaxing. :p

I hate working under the freezing air-conditioner. Sometimes yours truly me would idled and wondered what live would be if I were working in the construction site. What does it feel to be drenched in my own sweat, basking myself under the merciless hot sun, stacking the bricks on top of one another. I wonder what live would be if I were to follow my great grandparent's footstep to be a fisherman. How about harvesting my the ripen paddy on the golden field alongside the scarecrows? I think what I really need is a break. Nope I don't want Kit Kat. I want to party!

I feel like rocking at XPlay Party!

Speaking about party, remember I once mentioned about the amazing XPlay Party that took place at Opera Sunway Pyramid back in July? Those down South will be happy to know that XPlay Johor Baru will be rocking at Cabana Club this 24 September 2011 (which is tomorrow). What time should you crash the place? Be there at 7p.m. sharp to start grooving to the music spun by the gorgeous DJ Shar.k who hails from Russian. She is also an actress, model and dancer. WOW! Don't drop your jaw when you see her ok. Besides that DJ Benz and DJ Ken will be there to bring the house down as well.

DJ Shar.k in her Bruce Lee attire! Hiyeak!
Wanna know how to grab your FREE passes? Just like XPax Facebook Page and check out the awesome XPlay App for more details.

P.S.: Maybe I should ask my wife's permission to travel all the way to Johor to let loose my short hair. Ha :D