Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RM5,000 Yours Just By Talking To Your Boss

As you guys have known, I am currently participating in a "Talk-A-Thon" event organised by Celcom. Still remember my previous post regarding this special contest: Talk Yourself to FREE RM5,000 shopping? Basically it's like a marathon, but the only difference is that my mouth is doing the "walking" talking instead of my legs. Hence these few days I am extremely hardworking especially when calling my superiors and clients. Even my colleagues have asked me why I called them even though my cubicle is like only a few meters away from theirs. LOL :D

I will always keep my bosses and colleagues up to date. :D

So now I have more reasons to call my team mates and bosses. Besides building better rapports with them, I can also be in the running to claim one of the 5 daily RM5,000 FREE shopping vouchers. All I need to do to is make 3 extra calls and I am in. This contest will be held until the 30th of November so I am sure I will be one of the lucky winners. I want to bring home that genuine leather L-Shaped sofa from IKEA. Anyone of you are the lucky winners? Ok~I wanna call my colleague now asking him what we wanna talk about during our meeting tomorrow.

I hope Celcom and IKEA are reading this post of mine now. :p

P.S.: Visit: http://www.xpax.com.my/talkathon/ for more details. Alternatively you can also read my previous post: Talk-A-Thon: Talk Yourself To RM5,000 Free Shopping! to find out more about this awesome contest!