Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My VIP Meeting With Proton Exora In 5 Days

I am counting down the day...why? Still remember I have talked about how my fast-expanding family will be needing a bigger car soon right? In a few more days I would be meeting my dream car which is an MPV! Yupe! I am going to meet Proton Exora and might actually drive one (if I am lucky) for the first time this Sunday, 31st of July in Philea Resort, Malacca. Ever since Proton Exora was launched back in 2009, I have been so eager to drive one or better still own one. I remembered Proton even organized a contest whereby the person who managed to give Exora its name would win a car. I participated too but my idea wasn't interesting enough. :'(

I am going to touch and drive a real Proton Exora soon!

So this Sunday I will be meeting my Proton Exora. Haha :D Not mine...but if I can drive it, it will be mine even for say...30 minutes? When Proton first announced that there will be a special VIP Test Drive in Malacca, I have been counting down the day I will be meeting with my dream MPV. Hopefully *still praying* my wife and I will be one of the lucky VIP couples to test drive Proton Exora. So what will my wife and I get to do if we were chosen as 1 of the VIP couples?

My date with Exora: 31st of July, Philea Resort.

I have been wondering what are the exciting activities my wife and I will be enjoying this coming Sunday. Then I recalled one of my blogger friends, Submerryn, happened to be the VVIP for the Proton Exora VIP Test Drive Session 2 months ago at Sunway Giza. Wow...I was totally dumbstruck to know she had such a great time during the test drive session. It was not just another of your normal test drive session; Proton actually put in a lot of effort to make its Exora Test Drive session a truly unforgettable experience for all the lucky VIPs. I am glad to know about this. :)

See how many Exoras were there? (Picture borrowed from Submerryn)

So what is awaiting me for this Sunday's Proton Exora VIP Test Drive Session? I guess it must be something similar (or better) to what Submerryn's has enjoyed during her Exora VIP Test Drive. After being briefed by "experts", she and the other lucky VIPs had to drive the provided Proton Exora to a special location where they had their Performance Test Drive. Besides testing the Exora during the emergency brake routine, VIPs were also challenged to park their Exora with the blind-fold on. *gasp* is that even possible?

Fact or Myth? Make an exclusive date with Exora to get VIP answers!

These are only a few of the many activities the VIPs had got to do. Wanna know more? Well...then you have to be there personally to experience it. If you guys wanna know how it feels like to be behind the wheels of an MPV, do register yourself at to be one of the VIPs for the Proton Exora Test Drive Session. Besides that this Exora Test Drive Session can also be the answer if you have been uncertain if you should be the proud owner of Exora. Register now to test drive an Exora this Sunday (31st of July) at Philea Resort!

Register at to be the lucky VIP

Then again....if you are my fellow Malaccan who are very, very eager to join this Proton Exora VIP Test Drive Session at Philea Resort this 30th and 31st of July, you can leave your contact in my comment box and representatives from Proton will call you up. So right now you should be waiting for that call from Proton. Catch yours, truly me and my Proton Exora this Sunday (31st of July) at Philea resort ok. Let us count down the days we will be meeting Proton Exora. Gosh~I can't wait already. :)