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Our Family Really Needs A Bigger Car Now

I grew up without the luxury of having a car at home. Our only mean of so-called own transportation back then was my daddy's bike. I would be sitting in the class with my soaked up uniform whenever it rained in the morning. Back then I really envied my classmates who were chauffeured by their parents to school every morning in 4 wheels. I wished we could afford a car so badly then. Now...after I have graduated, we finally could afford a car. We were really excited when we were finally given the car key to ignite our family's very first car. Yipee...but...

Our family's very first car. :)

But what? I am not grateful to have a car? You see...after little Jordan comes into our world, we feel that we need a lot more space that we used to have especially while we are on the road. Nowadays going out for dinner, shopping or family visit feels like a bit "crampy" for us in our car. Why? Well...obviously our car can only fit 5 people and not more than that. The usual passengers are my daddy, brother, wifey and baby Jordan. What will happen if my wife and I have another baby? Where will he or she sit? Ha :D So how?

Daddy~don't forget to bring my F1 car (stroller) ok!

That's not it you avid readers of mine know...little Jordan has just turned 1 recently. So whenever we have family outing, we need to bring along his stroller. My wife and I made a huge mistake to buy a huge stroller. The worst part is our huge stroller can't fit into our car boot! *gasp* So we have to cramp it into the front passenger seat just to bring it around. What a waste of our already limited space in the car. So sometimes my daddy and brother have to ride their bike just to get to the same place as us. This is not an enjoyable family outing anymore right? I wish we can have a bigger car... :(

The stroller is too big for our car boot. :(

So I have to stuff it into the car!

Goodness! The stroller alone has already took up one seat?

Are you ready to roll Jordan boy?

As you guys know yours, truly me is one very good son-in-law (a~hem! Blowing my own trumpet). So I will drive back to my wife's hometown as often as I can for my wife to be reunited with her family. I must ensure that my wife, her sister and baby feel comfortable in our 5 hours journey back to Taiping. In order to do that we will pack everything that we need and bring it back to my wife's hometown. Can you imagine how cramped the car will be? Don't forget that we have to stuff little Jordan's stroller and baby seat into the car.'s like a sardine cane already. That's why my father can't tag along. What if we have another baby? How are we going to get back to Taiping? The answer is simple-we need a bigger car. :(

Look at how many toys little Jordan has?

No! You cannot bring all of them back to Taiping!

Our car boot can only put a few luggage and that's it. :'(

Honestly I used to dream about driving a Ferrari or a Porsche when I was still single. But since I have become a family man, the dream, ideal car that I want is a 7-seater MPV! Yes! I want a car that allows me to travel with my wife, parents and children comfortably. I want a car that is huge enough for my soon-to-be expanding family. I want a big "safe" car that can give me that sense of security for me and my family. There will be a lot of Tekkaus Jr. in the future and I don't think a sedan is the answer for us. Our family desperately needs an MPV right now!

Look at how cramped it is at the back of our car. :(

As I am young (26 only) and have only started my career, I need a bigger which will not burn a hole in my pocket! My wife and I are already working our socks off paying bills and our housing loan. So we need an MPV which is affordable, cozy and safe at the same time. The only real 7-seater MPV which my wife and I think is affordable and safe right now is Proton Exora! Honestly I have always wanted to own this  spacious gentle giant ever since it started to glide on our streets.

I really, really want to own an Exora!

The good news for me is that Proton will be offering VIP test drive in my hometown Malacca on the 30th and 31st of July. Woohoo! Hopefully my wife and I will be selected as one of the 20 lucky couples to have this Proton Exora VIP Test Drive. *Praying hard* I heard that the VIPs will be treated to scrumptious meals and spa? Wow...but still what I want is to test drive my dream MPV-Exora! See you next Sunday (31st July) at Philea Resort. You will be mine Exora~Muahahaha :D

Don't forget to register yourself ok.

So you folks who are like me Malaccans, better take this golden opportunity to be one of the 20 lucky couples to Test Drive the Exora as the VIP. Register yourselves All About Exora and you might even stand a chance to win some cool, exciting prize. I am sure my wife and I will be one of the 20 lucky couples. Meet you guys and Exora at Philea Resort. Ha :D

Our family really needs a bigger car now so that no one is left home alone!

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