Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little Jordan's 1 Year Old Birthday Dinner

Last Saturday my wife and I organized little Jordan's very first birthday dinner. Yep! Our little Jordan is officially a big boy now as he turned 1 two days ago. So Last Saturday was not his actual birthday yet but we thought it would be better to held it on weekend as more of our family and relatives could attend. Little Jordan's grandpa drove 4 hours and traveled all the way from Taiping to meet his little precious one on that day. See~Jordan boy~so many people "sayang" (as in love in Malaysian language) you.

Grandpa traveled all the way from Taiping to celebrate little Jordan 1st birthday.

Almost everyone close to us were invited. Little Jordan's uncle (my brother) and his auntie (my wife's sister) were also back at home to celebrate little Jordan's special day. After little Jordan donned his new clothes and shoes off we headed to the restaurant near our home to celebrate his Big Day. We reached there around 7p.m. and waited for our relatives to show up. Thirty minutes later everyone was already there and seated. Of course by then...little Jordan was a bit...cranky and wanted to leave the restaurant (as usual). Ha :D

Everyone was enjoying their food.

Can you make out what dishes were served?

Our feeding frenzy started at 7:30p.m. Almost 30 of us were waiting eagerly for the first dish to be served on our 3 tables. Altogether my wife and I ordered 6 different dishes for little Jordan's birthday dinner. We had fish, chicken, pork, shrimp, roasted duck, vegetable and...the other one was appetizer. Sorry that I didn't really snap any photos of the food as I was too busy taking care of little Jordan and entertaining my relatives. I am really happy to see all of them happily enjoying their dinner even though I ate only a little. :)

Little Jordan quietly eating his fish.

You like to eat fish right Ah~Dan?

As I mentioned earlier little Jordan was not really happy while we were in the restaurant right? Maybe it was because of the environment. Yes! Little Jordan knows when he is not in his home sweet home. Hence little Jordan started crying and making all sorts of noise, urging us to bring him home...until...we feed him fish. Haha :D Yep! Fish is his favourite food (perhaps all babies love fish as well?). So my wife kept on feeding little Jordan with fish to keep him quiet. LOL :D But he really enjoyed his fishy food...must be because of the DHA. :)

It's time to cut little Jordan's birthday cake. :)

By 8:30p.m. all of us have already finished feasting on all those mouth-watering food. I managed snack on a few pieces of the "golden" roasted duck. Damn delish! Ok! So what's next? Of course it is time for us to cut the Birthday Cake! Woohoo! My wife has ordered little Jordan's 1 year old birthday cake 2 weeks in advance. I am sure little Jordan loved his whopping 2kg chocolate birthday cake with picture of bear and rainbow. Right Jordan boy? After singing him a birthday song, we cut and distributed his cake. That's the finale of our entire dinner.

Jordan's 1 year old birthday cake. Do you like cake Jordan? :)

My wife and I were glad that everything went so smoothly. The food was great and everyone enjoyed themselves. I could see my father-in-law and daddy were very happy and proud grandfathers on that day. Both of them were beaming throughout the birthday dinner. That, itself, is the best birthday gift for little Jordan from his grandparents. "Are you happy little Jordan?" Daddy and mommy are and we will always be proud of you. We love you Jordan boy. :)

Happy Birthday~o~Ah~Dan! Now you are a big boy. :)

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