Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Jordan Sitting In A Baby Chair For The Very First Time

Little Jordan has never stopped giving us a lot of surprises ever since he was conceived. :p Recently...well...not really recently lar...about 1 month ago little Jordan could finally sit in a baby chair. It was my birthday celebration in Kenny Rogers. Then my wife said we should let little Jordan sit on his own in a baby chair. At first I was hesitant. Why? Because we tried that before and little Jordan couldn't even balance himself and knocked his head on the front dashboard. And of course he cried. So did little Jordan sit in a baby chair? Of course...

Yes. Little Jordan is finally sitting in baby chair.

Who you are looking for? :)

Must have toys to distract little Jordan.

Watch how happy he was, sitting in chair for the first time.

Little Jordan was of course happy with his new found "ability" too. :p Both my wife and I are glad that little Jordan can finally sit in a baby chair without us really, realizing it. Another little milestone for baby Jordan. So what will he do next? Actually he has amazes us in so many ways...it's just that I haven't really find enough time to blog all of them. Now that little Jordan can sit on his own in a baby chair, both my wife can have more time to eat our food while we were in food outlets. LOL :D As long he sits in the baby chair and has a toy for him to play, little Jordan will not be asking us to carry him all the time. So isn't this a good birthday "gift" for me? Ha :D

So what's next Jordan~boy? Going Up?

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