Monday, July 18, 2011

Vote For My MRT Logo To Win RM10,000

As we all have known, 8th of July 2011 was the day our MRT aka My Rapid Transit was launched. Finally our nation has our very own MRT huh! The announcement of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) line paved the way for work to begin and it means people will be getting better public transportation soon. I am sure everyone residing near the area will be benefiting. So less traffic jam and more affordable way to commute from one place to another right? Talking about So when we, Malaccans, have our own MRT? LOL :D

There is light with MRT at the end of the tunnel. :)

Speaking about our MRT which will be completed in 2017 (6 years from now), a symbol is needed to represent our new era of public transport. Hence a logo is needed to betoken our MRT. So here's the deal folks: Now you can be part of our Malaysian history. All you need to do is to design a logo for MRT and you will be immortalized! How damn cool is that? Your artwork will be seen by millions and will last for decades-immortality. Ha :D On top of that if your logo is the chosen one, you will be RM10,000 richer too.

So this is how our MRT will look like?

Are your area covered by our MRT?

Yours truly me, has already submitted my logo with the hope of being that lucky person. I only know how to use Microsoft Word and Paint to draw my simple MRT logo. Haha :D So damn lousy right? Who knows? I might get lucky and win myself RM10,000. More importantly I want my logo to appear on our very first MRT. So you guys should join as well. Maybe your logo will be the chosen one? Besides the RM10,000 grand prize, there will be 20 consolation winners with each bringing home RM2,000. Are you game? So how can you participate?

Design CriteriaArtwork must incorporate the following in the logo:
  • The acronym: MRT
  • The line: MY Rapid Transit (in the same order)
Submission Requirements
  1. To enter the logo competition, all contestants are required to first register at:
  2. All personal particulars of contestant must be valid and fields marked with * must be completed.
  3. All artworks must be submitted in only JPEG, GIF or PNG format.
  4. Image dimensions must be exactly 200 pixel x 200 pixel at 72dpi resolution.
  5. Every artwork submission must be accompanied by a completed rationale in not more than 140 characters.
  6. All artworks uploaded after 11.59pm on the 3rd August 2011(+8:00 GMT) will be considered void/unsuccessful.
So will you join me to create an MRT logo as well? Do it folks. It is pretty easy. Even I can draw a logo, I am sure you draw like at least 10 times better than me. So do you wanna see my simple MRT logo which took me almost an hour to draw? Are you are ready? So here's my simple logo. Don't laugh OK. Haha :D

My MRT logo. :)

Vote for this 200x200 logo of mine ok.

As I mentioned earlier, my MRT logo was created using Microsoft Word and Paint. Rather primitive right? Haha :D I am sure a lot of you can create sophisticated, eye-catching logos using photoshop, dreamweaver~blah~blah~blah! Then again, maybe my simple logo can steal some thunders. So please, please vote for my MRT logo. You can do so at, but you have to search quite long lar as there are too many entries. :/ My immortality is in your hands right now. Please must vote for me. For more information, check out My Rapid Transit Facebook Page. Don't forget to vote for me ok!