Monday, May 9, 2011

Listen To Your Mama's Words Before It It Too Late

Yesterday was Mother's Day right? Hereby I would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers in the world, "Happy Mother's Day!" Our mothers are without a doubt the greatest person we have ever met in our lives. None of us can deny that without them, we won't even be here. Dads are important but not as  great as moms. So did you celebrate Mother's Day with your beloved mama? They say we should treat our mother good every single day. So yesterday we should have treated them exceptionally well then. Now before we go on...are you the kind of child who listens to your mama's word or the one who always squabble with them?

Never ever leave your mommy alone.

Honestly, I am totally outraged when I see a lot of kids who are rude to their parents. It is sad to see children these days treat their parents like their maids. Some yelled and even hit their parents as if they were their slaves! Some useless children even have the galls to belittle their old folks especially their mothers who have borne them for 9 months. Children these days take their mothers for granted and always feel that they are entitled to get everything they want in life. My foot! Sometimes I feel like slapping these kids you know! Damn it!

A candid reminder to all children.

Perhaps parents these days are the ones to take the blame? They love and treat their little ones so well that they have "spoiled" them? Then again...aren't us children supposed to be more grateful and treat our old parents well? So my question is...have you been listening to your dearest mama's words? You'd better do or else you won't be hearing anything anymore...just like what had happened to me. It is really too late for me as my mama is not here anymore. For those of you whose mommy have always been by your side, nagging you...cherish her. They will grow old and they will be gone one day. Don't let regret be the void in your soul. Treat your mom like God.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world