Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jordan Boy Is Not Feeling Well

Just 2 days ago, our Jordan boy turns 10 months old and the next day he started to have fever. Yesterday evening when my wife and I went to the babysitter's place to bring our Jordan boy back at home, she told us that our baby is not feeling well. I felt upset almost immediately. He was perfectly fine when I saw him in the morning and then she told me my baby is sick? I am not sure why little Jordan is sick and I am dead worried about him. :(

Jordan boy is not feeling well today...

Later last fear escalated. Little Jordan who always loves to play and making a lot of noises was extremely quite. He looked very jaded, exhausted and was not happy. We tried to play with him, entertained him and made him laugh...but little Jordan showed little response. By then...both my wife and I were totally freaked out. His fever kept on worsening and his body temperature increased gradually. My wife and I woke up almost every hour to check on him. He stuck "Koolfever" on his forehead and he even fed him medicine to reduce his fever.

But he feels much better this afternoon. :)

The next morning (which is today) his conditions has become worse. He was coughing and when I hugged him I could feel how hot is body was. Thank goodness it is Saturday and there are still a few clinics specializing in pediatrics are opened. We brought little Jordan to see a doctor near our home. The doctor diagnosed him and told us that he has high fever (38.4 degrees Celsius). Besides that he was coughing and his throat was inflamed. Poor little thing! :(

We are relieved to see him smiling and playing again.

Our naughty boy. Muack~:-x

Altogether little Jordan has to consume 3 different medications prescribed by the doctor. One is for his fever, the other one is for his cough and the last one which has to be finished is his antibiotic. OMG! He is only 10 months old and yet he has to stomach all these "hazardous" stuff? Haih... :( We forced little Jordan to take his medicine. Of course he struggled and cried. But his condition has improved by afternoon. By then he is behaving like his usual self again. Smiling, laughing, screaming and playing with his toys. Well...he is sleeping right now. Hopefully his fever will be gone and that he will recover by tomorrow.

Get well soon ok Jordan boy. Mommy and daddy love you~o. :D

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