Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 Coca Cola Can Glasses From MacDonald

We all agree that fast food is not healthy right? But it is time for me to eat MacDonald again...for a good reason! Wait...for 6 good reasons actually. In case you are not aware, MacDonald is offering 6 cool Coca Cola Glasses starting from last week. In fact I have already collected my first Coca Cola Glass which is the the cool Charcoal glass. This awesome transparent Charcoal glass is black in colour with a hint of greyness. Have any of you grabbed this too? I think they have been snapped up huh!

Behold: MacDonald's Coca Cola Tin Glasses.

So yours truly me is going to MacDonald at least another 5 times to complete my collection. I am so going to collect all six of these Coca Cola Glasses. Will you guys be a hoarder like me too? I don't know why I am so in love with Coca Cola glasses. I believe it all started when I laid my hand on my first Coca Cola Contour Glass last year. My...the people from MacDonald really knows how to persuade me to snack at their unhealthy fast food in order to get these limited edition glasses. Damn!

Charcoal-the first glass to be released.

Don't tell me you don't know about it.

One down. 5 more Coca Cola Glasses to go. Muahahaha :D

So how can you buy these Coca Cola glasses? can't buy them. You can actually get them for FREE but there is one string attached. You have to buy the Coca Cola Glass Meal (which is any large McValue Meal + Sundae) to claim your glass. Easy right? If you really wish to have one of these, you'd better act fast because these are hot glasses and you will never know when MacDonald will be giving them away again. I am going to grab my Purple Coca Cola Glass tomorrow (5th May). :)

Grab your MacDonald's Coca Cola Tin Glasses before they are gone!