Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Chain Snapped While I Was Riding My Bike

This morning, yours truly me woke up very, very early for work as my company will organize a lot of fun activities. After I brushed my coffee-stained teeth and changed into my casual attire, off I hopped onto my Black Horsy and vroomed to my company. It was cloudy and the sky was unusually dark this morning. Little did I know it was an omen that something was about to happen to me then. I was rolling for 5 minutes on the road when it started to drizzle. I blazed across a flyover and that was when it happened...

My Black Horsy couldn't move...

It all happened so suddenly....Imagine you are cruising on the road at around 100km per hour and suddenly your hear this "plark" sound...what will you feel? Anxious? Freaked out? That was exactly what I felt after realizing something was wrong with my bike. I knew the chain of my bike had been snapped. Immediately I switched on the right-signal-light and flagged  my way to the right side of the road. I got down and looked at my bike...*gasp* I was taken aback with what I saw.

Look what had happened to my chain-box! :(

The aluminium or maybe iron cover box of the chain was brutally damaged. It looked like it had been pricked open by someone; it's like an alien polyp just burst out from its carrier. I believe the main culprit here is the chain. It must have snapped and hit the cover causing it break. I am really lucky you know. This incident could have turned out to be a lot worse. Thank God the snapped chain didn't find its way into my wheel and throw me off my bike. Another narrow escape for me. :(

I had to removed the damaged chain-box and chain...

I look rather aimlessly at the road. It was 7:30am and no workshop was open to repair my bike. I stood in the rain for almost an hour. There is no shelter for me to take cover from the heavy downpour. The nearest workshop is like 1km away and I had to cross a 6-lanes high way to get to the other side of the road. The heavy rain soaked my shoes and made my feet wet. The worse part is...I have to endure all this with my sprained ankle. :/

Poor Black Horsy has to be dismantled.

The new chain being...well chained together.

I waited in front of the workshop until it was opened at around 9am. Phew! It took the uncle around 15 minutes to get my Black Horsy up and galloping again. My bike needed a new set of chain, gear plate and brake skins. All in all I had to fork out RM70 for the repair. It doesn't matter as long as I came out of all this unscathed. I really had to thank my Black Horsy for "protecting" me yet again. After that I actually went back home to take my shower before heading to my company. I am grateful that I am safe and sound! What a bad day right?

Make sure you always check and maintain your vehicles!