Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New GSC In Jusco Malacca Opening On The 14th of May 2011

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Opening soon: It is reported that in less than 10 days, Malaccans will have yet another brand new GSC cinema opening their doors for our viewing pleasure. A few weeks ago I have told you guys that GSC cinema is in Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca right? However I didn't tell you when it will start showing us movies right? It is reported that the new GSC in Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca will be opened on the 14th of May 2011 (Saturday). I surely can't wait to be one of the first(s) cinema goers to warm my butt in their new comfort chairs. :p

Have you see this banner informing you about the grand opening of GSC?

It seems like GSC is going out full force to let the whole Malacca know that they will be opening very soon. Banners can be seen around the vicinity of Jusco...with a 3km radius I reckon. How do I know? Well...this is because yours truly me will surely pass by the new Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca every single day after work. It's like a shortcut for me to get home you know...seriously. That's why I have seen the banner with Kung Fu Panda being featured in it.

Yes. There will be 10 screens. Woohoo! :D

What can avid moviegoers in Malacca expect from this new GSC in Jusco? For starters there will be 10 cinema theaters for you to enjoy your movies in this new GSC. Yupe! This new GSC cinema is also 3-D-ready, so you can watch Justin Bieber holding your hands while munching on your popcorn. From the photos that I will be sharing with you, this cinema is going to be one of the largest in Malacca (I certainly hope so). I believe this new GSC cinema will take up 2 storeys of Jusco Aeon Bandaraya.

Today...we will discover what is behind this huge poster.

Honestly with the opening of this new GSC in Jusco, I will not be patronizing Dataran Pahlawan that often anymore. Why? Those who have been there will agree that the parking spaces in Dataran Pahlawan are really an utter shame! Jusco Aeon Bandaraya has plenty of parking spaces (more than 3,000 in a single time) for us moviegoers. This reason alone is compelling enough for me to watch movie more often in this new GSC. So what say you?

See? There are really 10 theaters.

Dataran Pahlawan's choices of palatable food is really scarce. That's another reason why I think moviegoers will be fond of the new GSC-because they will have more choices when it comes to food. In fact Food Avenue which houses more than a dozen restaurants such as Sushi King, Secret Recipe, Old Town etc. are directly below of the new GSC cinema. Talking about total convenience huh? So no more entering into the cinema with empty stomach or to say the least...lousy food.

I can't wait to sit on one of them.

Ok...Ok...wait...I think I have got carried away huh. I am supposed to show photos of what is "brewing" inside of  our new GSC right? It seems like all the bricks and mortars have been laid as planned a few weeks ago. Yupe! The photos that you will be enjoying were taken around 2 weeks ago. I believe right now GSC is doing all the finishing touches to make sure that their flawless cineplex can greet all avid moviegoers next month. Are you ready to get inside of our new GSC?

Slideshow of  the yet to be opened GSC Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca.

So what do you think folks? Are you excited? Did you notice that the counters selling refreshments and popcorns are almost ready? Ha :D Don't worry...our anxious wait will end in less than 1 week. I really hope that this new GSC in Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca will be as good as the one in Midvalley. Nah...quite impossible right? Well...that we have to wait and see.Who knows...it might turn out to be better right? Let us all (especially Malaccans) count down to our new GSC!

We will be waiting for you...our new GSC.