Wednesday, April 27, 2011

13 Teaspoons of Added Sugar In My Baby's Milk?

Guess how big is my little Jordan already? He is 9 months old now. Time surely flies huh! In another few more months he will be celebrating his very first birthday. Then he can eat his Mickey Mouse birthday cake and bite the red eggs. Ha :D But for now all he can have is cereal, porridge and most important milk. Yupe! Milk is little Jordan's main food from day one until now, so it is important to know that the milk that he is sucking from his bottle day in day out is safe. Well all of us have always thought milk is safe for our babies and kids right? I thought so too...until I flipped 18 of The Star Newspaper the other day...

Added Sugar, Growing Up Milk, Anmum
You gotta be kidding me. :(

I was totally taken aback with what I discovered as I continued to read the whole article! What I read made my jaw dropped...I am utterly flabbergasted to know that my baby might be consuming 13 teaspoons of sugar from his milk every day! This is beyond unbelievable. Isn't baby's milk is supposed to be healthy for them? I thought they keep on promoting their milk, claiming that it is full of nutrients, DHA etc that will make our children smart and healthy....and now some of these  SWEET milk might jeopardize my baby's health and make him obese? :(

Little Jordan drinking his milk.

Just the other day I boldly exclaimed that I don't want my baby Jordan to be so sweet, and now it dawned upon me that I might be the culprit who is feeding my baby with sugar-loaded milk. :'( Truth is MOST of the growing up milk powders contain too much added sugars! Immediately I told my wife about this horrific news. Both of us talked about it and decided to check and see if the milk that little Jordan is consuming is safe or not. We were really anxious.

Added Sugar, Growing Up Milk, Anmum
My little Jordan is drinking 13 teaspoons of added sugars?

First thing first my wife and I have to know how to find the "hidden sugars" by reading the label carefully. Since sugars are declared as part of the carbohydrates, we scrutinized the label until we found the "carbohydrate per serve" number on the label. So under the per serving column, the amount of carbohydrates is...8g. Now we have to match this amount of sugar with the table provided by turned out that little Jordan din't consume any additional sugars at all every day. So his milk is not too sweet for him after all. *Phew* What a huge relief.

Added Sugar, Growing Up Milk, Anmum
Thank goodness!

Added Sugar, Growing Up Milk, Anmum
*Gasp* Most growing up milk contain these much added sugar!

My wife and I grateful to know that little Jordan is drinking healthy milk. I will be more careful when Jordan turns 1 and needs to drink the step 3 of growing up milk. I am surely going to look up for milk with no added sugar. However not every parents are lucky enough to choose the right growing up milk for their babies and children. In fact most parents are quite ignorant about it as most of us thought that all milk powders are safe and healthy...until now. The other day I read from Submerryn's blog that her Ethan had been consuming a whopping 9-14 teaspoons of additional sugar every day. OMG! Poor little Ethan and I am sure Submerryn is equally sad to know about it even though it is not her fault to begin with. See??? We parents are sometimes victimized...

Added Sugars, Growing Up milk, Anmum
Do we really know what is in our babies' milk?

Added Sugars, Growing Up milk, Anmum
Do you know if there is any added sugar?

Surely we parents love our babies and children a lot right? They are the world to all of us and we hope to provide them with nothing but the best. So it is vital for us-parents to be more responsible with the milk that our little ones are consuming! Do you know that these added sugars can be disguised as corn syrup solids, sucrose or even glucose syrup solids? These are the names that sound perfectly normal and safe but the truth is...they are not.

Added Sugar, Growing Up Milk, Anmum
We parents should learn to read and "decipher" the label.

We parents shouldn't be fooled by misleading claims and advertisements anymore. Our precious babies and   children should be drinking healthy milk powders without added sugars. Calling all parents...start checking the milk that your little ones are drinking and see if it contains added sugar or not. You can do so by using the Sugar Calculator provided by Our children's future depends on our every single decision.

Added Sugar, Growing Up Milk, Anmum
I want little Jordan to happy and sweet without added sugar in his milk. :)