Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stay Focused To Be Purposeful

Are you the kind of person who complains just about everything? "Why no one wants to give me a chance to prove my worth?" might be your favourite question. Truth us opportunity is all around you. What matters is where you are putting your focus; where you are channeling your energy and spirit to. Now you need to ask yourself this question every single day before you drift into your dreamland and the moment you wake up: "Where should my focus be?" Where you put your focus and attention, that will be the place you create strength and momentum.

Stay Focused To Be Purposeful,Motivational,Focus

Here are the traits of momentum:

1~It is single-minded;
2~It is unwavering in the pursuit of a goal;
3~It has passion that knows no limits:
4~It demands a concentrated intensity and a definite sense of destiny;
5~It has a boundless vision and commitment to excellence.

Concentration is the key that can open up all the doors that lead to more accomplishments. William Matthews said it best, "The first law of concentration-to bend all the energies to one point, and to go directly to that point, looking neither to the right nor to the left." The most successful people have always been those of concentration, who struck their blows again and again in one place until they have accomplished their mission.

Successful people are of one specific idea,
one steady aim, and one single and concentrated purpose

Wanna know why there is a great difference between our dreams and what results that we achieve? This is due to the difference in our commitment to bring together all the options of our ability and to focus them upon ONE point! We accomplish our dreams by directing our desires, not by ignoring them. What an immense force you will have over your life when you possess distinct aims. Your every single word, the tone of your voice, the way you dress, and your every motions change and improve for the better once you begin to live for a purposeful reason.

Concentration can really make or break you and your life. Don't be a person who is uncertain about the future and hazy about the present. Stay in the groove without making it a rut. Make something your specialty (such as blogging); you cannot find until you define. To finish the race, you have to stay on the track. I am flabbergasted at the aimlessness of most peoples' lives. As a result of lack of focus, they delegate the directions of their lives to others. Don't live your life like that. Instead...

Learn to define yourself,
to content yourself with some specific thing and some definite work;
dare to be what you are,
and to learn to accept with good grace all that you are not.

Stay Focused To Be Purposeful,Motivational,Focus
Are you being FOCUS-ed enough?