Thursday, March 31, 2011

Salmon Sashimi: My Favourite At Sushi King!

If you are one of my ardent readers or fans, you would have known what is my favourite Japanese food right? Haha :D My all-time favourite food is none other than those scintillating succulent, juicy, orange flesh! Whose flesh am I talking about? Family and relatives of Solmanidae will not be happy to know that I am one of their predators. Muaahaha :D Yes. I love salmon a lot, especially fresh, raw salmon fillet. Hence my favourite food at Sushi King is their Salmon Sashimi.

Salmon Sashimi,Sushi King,Raw Salmon
I just love anything that has Salmon. Don't you?

I have heard people saying that raw salmon is not edible, that it tasted...err...too raw for their tastebuds. In other words we need acquired taste to love raw salmon? I don't think Salmon tastes that bad right? Instead unagi is the worst thing I have ever eaten in my life. I swear that I will not put another piece of those terrible brown/black little eel into my huge mouth. If will be like a sewage in there. Salmon is by far the finest food my teeth have sunk into so far in Sushi King! Don't you agree folks? LOL :D

Salmon Sashimi,Sushi King,Raw Salmon
This is what I will usually order.

Salmon Sashimi,Sushi King,Raw Salmon Salmon Sashimi!

Salmon Sashimi,Sushi King,Raw Salmon
Do you know how it feels like to have them gliding on your tongue?

From time to time I will go to Jusco Sushi department to buy their fresh salmon fillets. Still remember the yee sang that I have tossed recently? Well those slices of sushi fillets were bought in Jusco. I think I can never get enough of these mouth-watering salmon. I wonder why? Then again I know we are seriously depleting their numbers and are driving them to extinction. My bad...So what is your favourite at Sushi King folks?

Salmon Sashimi,Sushi King,Raw Salmon
I seriously think that I should work in Sushi King.
Then I can have all the salmon sashimi that I want. Haha :D