Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Toss Yee Sang~Lau Lau Lau

So how many times have you tossed Yee Sang during this year's Chinese New Year? As for me this year is a record-breaking one...at least in terms of tossing Yu Sheng (aka Yee Sang~lar). I have lifted and hurled this so-called Teow-chew styled raw fish salad not once but thrice at 3 different locations. Woohoo! So this year I must be very prosperous right? This special salad consists of slices of raw fish...usually my favorite orange fillet-SALMON! *drooling*, shredded vegetables, sauces and other ingredients which I can't recognize. :p

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
Bought this DIY Yee Sang for only RM16 at Jusco.

So why did I say I will be more prosperous after tossing Yee Sang 3 times this year? Yee Sang literally means "raw fish" in mandarin. But since we Chinese believe that fish signifies abundance, so Yee Sang is also known as "fish increase" which means...increase in abundance. Hence this famous, MUST-HAVE Chinese New Year dish is the symbol of abundance and prosperity! That's why I can foresee that I will be richer this year. I can feel it. Huatt~ar!

Let's make our very own Yee Sang. Ready?
Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
This is what you will get.

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
Firstly arrange the different "vegetables" neatly.

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
Then add the crackers, sesames and the special sweet sauce.

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
So is that? Of course not. We must have...

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
Raw fish...Salmon fillet (bought separately at RM16)

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
This is after we have tossed our Yee Sang! Makan~:D

Yee Sang is often served as the appetizer in a multi-dish dinner. This "curtain raiser" dish is important as it will bring in all the good luck prior to the other dishes. So how do we eat such an important dish? Grab a pair of chopsticks...then stand on your feet and once all of you are ready...you start to toss this yee sang. Yes! With your chopsticks, grab those raw salmons, vegetables and toss it into the air! The higher you toss your yee sang the more prosperous you will be. And remember that you have to utter "auspicious" wishes while tossing your yee sang ok. :)

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
This is the second yee sang that I tossed in Taiping. :)

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
Yupe! Ready to be eaten. :)

Toss Yee Sang,Yu Sheng,Chinese New Year
Ha :D They are enjoying it huh!

I tossed Yee Sang 3 times this year. The first one was in my very own home; the second one was in my wife's cosy hometown-Taiping and the last one was tossed during my company's annual Chinese New Year dinner. I believe tossing this auspicious dish with your loved ones is really meaningful more so when we only have it during Chinese New Year. Awww....I can't have enough of those thick slices of Salmon fillets. Damn! Until we toss you again Yee Sang!  :)

Wanna know what we wished while tossing our Yee Sang? Watch this video:
Haha :D Kinda funny if you ask me. We will toss Yee Sang again next year! Huatt~ar!

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