Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Have Been Together For 5 Years

Time flies so blazingly fast huh! My wife and I have been together for 5 years already. Last night I brought my dearest wife out for our special anniversary dinner at Secret Recipe. Then both of us went to watch movie. It has been awhile since both of us watched movie together~o. :D My wife didn't expect any of these-dinner and movie. I am happy that my surprises work out this time around. It is not easy trying to surprise someone who knows you damn too my case my beloved wife.

5 years anniversary,love,wife
I will hold you until my very last breath...

Then back at home...just before the hands of time glanced past 23rd of February, I asked my wife if I could borrow RM30 from her. I told her that I ran out of money already. Of course my wife straight away went to her handbag to grab her purse. The moment she lifted her purse...there it was sitting snuggly in her handbag. Still remember yesterday I tweeted that I spent quite some money to buy my wife something. It is a platinum necklace which I bought from Lazo Diamond and my wife loves it. *phew* Thank God!

5 years anniversary,love,wife

Words alone is not enough for me to express my love for my wife. I owe her too much and I don't think I can repay what she has done for me. All I can do is love my wife wholeheartedly until the last day I dwell as earthlings on this earth. This is what I want my one and only wife to know...

You Are the Love of a Lifetime

You are the love of a lifetime I've always wanted as mine...
and the special soul mate I've always hope I'd find.
You are my very own, one perfect person,
everything I always hoped for...
my secret dream that swept me off my feet.
You have a gentle soul that I always want to be close to
and an amazing way of touching my heart.
And if it's ok with you...
I'd love to go on loving you forever.
~L. N. Mallory~

My wife is truly the love of a lifetime. I must be the luckiest man alive. I hope she will still be my wife in next life, next, next life, next, next, next life...well....I hope she will be mine forever. I am really grateful to be her husband. I must say that God has been really good to be. My beloved  wife is really what I want and need. I can't live without her and I am going to spend my entire life with her; I wanna grow old with her; I am going to hold her hands tightly and walk with her until both of us are gone. She will always be my one and only loved one. :)