Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Timeless Carousel Horses For My Wife

*Sniff! Sniff!* Love is in the air again! It was Valentine's Day yesterday. So how did you guys celebrate this meaningful day? My wife, little Jordan and I went to Jusco Malacca and dined in at Ajisen Ramen. Later we went shopping for awhile before heading home. Well...that's how we celebrated our Valentine's Day. Sounds pretty simple right? Ha :D However it is the thought that counts. Both my wife really had a wonderful time together as it is our first Valentine as parents. The truth is Valentine's Day is just another day for all of us. We should be loving our loved ones every single day and not just this particular day every year.

Carousel Horses Music Box,Valentine's Day,Lovely Lace
The place where you can get great lovely gifts!

Supposedly Valentine's Day is for lovers to mark their unconditional love for each others. But now I think Valentine's Day is more like a day for businessmen, florists and restaurants owners to celebrate, don't you think so? :p Then again I also wanted to make each Valentine a memorable one for my wife. So a day earlier I scourged around trying to find a great gift for my wife. It was not easy at all as I was looking high and low for something very eloquent. I searched and searched for more than 1 hour...finally my mission was accomplished! Thank to Lovely Lace.

Carousel Horses Music Box,Valentine's Day,Lovely Lace
Lovely Lace has so many gift ideas for you. :)

Carousel Horses Music Box,Valentine's Day,Lovely Lace
Wanna know which one followed me home?

I could have easily bought my wife a new pendant...a new pair of shoes...or a suit of clothes..but none of them is what my wife would want. Finally I laid my eyes on something rather meaningful in Lovely Lace. It is a timeless carousel horses music box that will evoke poignant memories even when we are old one day. Since it is a mechanical carousel horses music box, I don't have to be worried that it can't be played when we are 88 years old. Ha :D My wife loves this music box a lot.

Carousel Horses Music Box,Valentine's Day,Lovely Lace
My wife received a flower, a carousel horses music box and Doraemon cutlery set.

Of course women love flowers right? Fortunately I managed to buy a stalk on rose for my wife. Ha :D Only one ar? Besides that I also got a Doraemon cutlery set which she can use in her office. :p However I believe nothing can be compared to her new Carousel Horses Music Box. I am glad that this time around...I picked the correct ageless gift. I am sure these horses will still be "galloping" when both of us are sitting on our rocking chairs, celebrating our Valentine's Day. Simply priceless right?

Carousel Horses Music Box,Valentine's Day,Lovely Lace
My wife loves her carousel horses a lot. :)

Wanna listen to the whimsical music?

So what did you give your loved one folks? At the end of the day, no amount of gifts can replace the sincere love that you can lavish on your loved ones. Treating your loved ones wholeheartedly and being with them all the time is the greatest gift you could ever give them. Cherish them and let them feel blessed. Again...Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. :)

Carousel Horses Music Box,Valentine's Day,Lovely Lace
Wifey~My love for you will be as timeless as this Carousel horses...