Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Make Money Blogging With Adsense?

Some of my friends, colleagues and even relatives keep on asking me if I really make money from blogging. To some of them making money through blogs sound a little bit incredulous. So what do you think folks? If you have been following me for quite some time, you would have known that I do make money blogging especially with Adsense. In fact...Adsense accounts for the lion's share of my online income, sometimes as high as 50% in a month. So yes..making money blogging especially with Adsense is feasible and can be lucrative too in the long term.

Before you continue... bear in mind that this is not a post about how to make money with Adsense!

Yes! There are so many ways to make money blogging as I have written this in my previous post: 18 Ways On How  To Make Money Blogging. However none pays as much as Adsense. I have been earning a few hundreds per month with Adsense with this blog alone. But don't get me wrong...you can't make money right away by starting a blog, integrating Adsense codes and wait for the money to trickle into your bank accounts. No it doesn't work this way!

Make Money Blogging With Adsense

You need hardwork to make money blogging with Adsense
Those Ebooks which claimed you can earn thousands, millions instantly after buying their ebooks are nothing but a bunch of lies. No worthwhile success comes overnight and this is especially true with Adsense. Honestly when I started using Adsense, I only managed to earn a few cents per day. Worse still...sometimes I don't even earn anything. But I keep on blogging, writing high-quality contents for my blog, do a lot of research and never give up! Yes...at times you will be feeling that Adsense is not appreciating your effort all your hard work is going down the drain...but take my words: don't give up.

After using Adsense for more than a year...finally my hard work has been rewarded. Yes...it took me more than 1 year to really start earning with Adsense. Now I am earning at least US$150 per month with this personal blog that you are reading. Even this simple lousy blog of mine can also earn me some money, what more your awesome blogs right? But you must FIRST work hard TO SOW, then you will REAP your deserved reward.

Your Adsense Income Is Sustainable
I have told you the bad news-you need to labor to earn with Adsense. Now the good news is...once you have established yourself in the eyes of Search Engines...your Adsense income will be stable too! Yep! All your hard work and quality blog posts (contents) are finally paying you money. But once you reached this level, never stop and complacent. Keep on writing posts that are worthy to be read by everyone and of course search engines!

Now imagine you have 5 blogs, each earning at least US$100 per month. How much will it be in a year's time? That is not a lot of money, but then it is still good money right? So start blogging about the things that interest you and keep on filling your blogs with lots of unique, quality contents. Remember: Don't start blogging with the intent that you will earn money right away! You need lots of continuous, earnest effort to make money blogging with Adsense.

Final Words
As I mentioned earlier, this is not a post about how to make money blogging with Adsense. But it is a necessary post that will tell you what to expect if you want to start your own money making Adsense-blogs. I hope this post has shed some light about Adsense. Rest assured that I will be sharing some Adsense tips and tricks in the foreseeable future. Ha :D So stay tuned ok. Until then, happy make money blogging with Adsense to all you bloggers out there and of course....Happy new year!