Friday, December 3, 2010

My Right Ankle Is Getting Better But...

This Monday I collided with a car while riding my bike. Being knocked down by a car is really painful especially if you are injured. I went home and treated myself. Then my wife brought me to see a master to "urut" (massage) my right ankle which suffered a huge blow. The master told me that my ankle was neither sprained or fractured and I believed him. However my whole family especially my wife insisted that I went for another real medical check-up. So on Wednesday my wife brought me to Putra Specialist Hospital to get my ankle scanned.

My X-Rayed Ankle

My X-Rayed Ankle
Thank God...Phew...

My X-Rayed Ankle
Now who knows how to look at this?

Honestly I was really terrified to undergo this check-up. What if my X-Ray result turned out to be ugly? What if my right ankle was fractured? Being wheeled into the X-Ray room itself was really a nerve-jerking moment for me. I prayed really, really hard. Thank goodness the result turned out ok. Nothing is fractured and nothing major except for the swollen part. Thank God. Then again although I am getting better rapidly, walking around is still painful for me. It is really excruciating especially my heel. But well...I have to bear with it. :)

My X-Rayed Ankle
Still swollen

P.S.: Don't delay medical examination such as X-Ray just like me. Your condition might worsen. So seek medical attention as soon as possible in the event of accident.

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