Saturday, December 11, 2010

Alviss Kong Left A Facebook Message And Later Committed Suicide: 4 Reasons Why I think He Is Selfish

WHAT THE HECK? I was dumbstruck to know that a guy by the name of Alviss Kong committed suicide for a girl who dumped him after being together for 4 months! The worse part is, this idiotic Alviss Kong actually left a countdown message on his Facebook wall 45 minutes prior to his imminent death! The clock ticked and 45 minutes later this worthless, useless bloke jumped off from a 14th floor of a building to end his so-called "miserable" life! Damn! I am fuming with anger and rage right now...I simply can't stomach this pathetic news. Expect more crude words from me folks!


You see Alviss Kong has written a message on his Facebook wall at around 11.15p.m. on Wednesday night (8th December 2010). He had done something unthinkable. Alviss Kong actually asked everyone what he should do as he still got another 45 minutes to live waste! That was his final, meaningless words and after that he made his "heroic" leap and landed on somebody's car. He was pronounced dead 9a.m. on Thursday (9th December 2010). Great! So now what? Did he proved to all of us he was a good lover? Absolutely NO!

His finals words with his sister...

Crap! I am really emotionally charged right now. I felt terribly sorry for his family...especially for both his parents. As for Alviss Kong...I don't even think you are pitiable at all! In have just created a whole lot of mess for everyone with your empty-headed action-suicide. Yes! You are empty-headed Alviss "Kong"! Your selfish and irresponsible action has wreaked havoc in a lot of people's life! Now let me tell you why Alviss Kong is not only stupid...he is one darn selfish person who only cared for no one but himself!

4 Reasons Why Alviss Kong's Action Is Selfish!

1~Alviss Kong didn't care about his family...AT ALL! Why couldn't this bloke live for his family? Why couldn't Alviss Kong live for his parents who have showered him with love for 22 years? Why couldn't he live for his mother who suffered so much during her pregnancy and endured the excruciating labor pain to bring him into this world? Why did he chose to kill himself for a 4-month-old relationship? Why couldn't he live on FOR the people who love him? Because...he is selfish!

2~Alviss Kong didn't love his ex-girlfriend...AT ALL! Sure...we all have known that he took his own life because he loved this girl soooooo damn much! He felt so miserable after their break up and he felt like it was the end of the world for him; He felt sad because his love was not appreciated by his ex-girlfriend at all! It sure looks like Alvis Kong really, really loves her huh! If not he wouldn't had committed suicide right???...WRONG!

He didn't love her at all. Love should be unconditional, but Alviss couldn't accept this fact. you think this girl will lead a normal, happy life after this? I believe right now she is really depressed. People will be blaming her for Alviss' death...her life will never be the same anymore. In fact...she will be blaming herself too. 

But if you scrutinize at this situation more delicately...Alviss Kong is not the victim in this tragedy. The real victim is his ex-girlfriend. I can't help but feel that Alviss Kong has actually taken revenge over his ex-girlfriend..well...indirectly! Why would I say that? You committing the whole Malaysia (or the world) know that this particular girl is the culprit. Suddenly this poor girl is now labelled as a MURDERER in the eyes of the public. Her life has been wreaked by his irresponsible action!

3~Alviss Kong is not a good lover...AT ALL! Thousands of people have LIKED Alviss Kong for being such as a great "lover". Hundreds defended his blatantly stupid action by saying he did it for love. Some has even likened him to Shakespeare's Romeo for his un-shattering love toward his ex-girlfriend...ouh...REALLY? How can Alviss Kong be upheld as a great lover when he didn't even know how to love his family? His relatives and friends were wiping when they knew about this incident. How can he be regarded as a great lover when he didn't even love himself? My foot!

4~Alviss Kong is one very IRRESPONSIBLE person! This is the part that made me really, really angry. Why would he want to let the whole world know (via Facebook) what he would do? What if people...especially immature youths start to use his "modus operandi" to make themselves look good by committing suicide? Alviss Kong has really made a bad example! Some even made him sort of like their inspiration. I was shocked to view a comment that reads, "I wish I can do what you do!" Some even worshiped him for his action. OMG! Imagine our children might be doing the same foolish mistake too, leaving their "last post" on Facebook wall and later end their own life! What if our children try to emulate Alviss Kong? Can't you guys see the adverse effects?

Now Alviss Kong is RIP-ing but what about his parents, family, ex-girlfriend, friends? Can they be in peace now after his selfish and irresponsible action???

His life has ended rather abruptly and tragically. I am sorry that I have used strong words. My apologize. I can assure you that I only hated Alviss Kong's action and not him personally. It is really a shame that love can make people go haywire. It is really a shame that it ended up this way. It is avoidable...we can stop this from happening again. We MUST stop this dark history from repeating itself. So if you are feeling depressed after a break-up...and feel like taking your own life...READ this post! If your friends are depressed after being dumped and think that it is the end of their world...ask them to READ this post!

Committing suicide is never a solution!

Being dumped is not the end of the world! I can still vividly remember when I was first dumped by my first girlfriend. I loved her so much...more than she loved me for sure. It took me one year to convince her that she should give me a chance. The moment she accepted me I was overjoyed and even thought about tying the knot with her and grow old with her. I really did everything I could in my might to love her. But after 5 months or so...she dropped a bomb telling me that she didn't love me anymore. I cried terribly like a baby...I wept heart ache when I thought of her. But the moment I reached home that day...I smiled and told my parents that I have been dumped. I told them I will be ok because I still have them. In fact I have to thank her for dumping me...if not I would not have met my wife right now. Remember: 

When you have been rejected or is because God thinks that you deserve someone better!