Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Jordan Giggled. Hahaha :D

Yesterday something magical happened. My little Jordan who is around 4 months old giggled in front of us like more than 30 seconds. This is the first time he giggled for such a long time. Previously he loves to smile, talk to us but  never had he giggled for such a long period of time. It was really perplexing to see him giggled and giggle and giggled with so much joy. Aww...his giggles really make both my wife and I beaming with joy. :)

Little Jordan Giggled
Jordan~boy. :)

Can you guess what made our little Jordan giggled so much. Ha :D It is non other than his Twitty aka Jacque the peacock. My~I think Jordan really, really love his Twitty a lot. The sight of this little colorful blue bird alone is enough to make him smile. At times Twitty can even double up as a "pacifier". LOL :D Yes, whenever he cries, Twitter can put a smile on his face almost instantly. I am really glad that I bought him this awesome toy months ago. And yesterday, Twitty made little Jordan giggled so much.

Little Jordan Giggled
Jordan was giggling till his heart's content.

Little Jordan Giggled
Why he was so happy?

Little Jordan Giggled
It was because of the Twitty. :D

Little Jordan Giggled
He really enjoys his Twitty bird.

Haha :D My wife and I kept on watching this candid video of our little Jordan again and again. His giggles really warm our hearts. This is just the start. I am sure little Jordan will spring up more surprises for us in the future and definitely more giggles from him. Let us watch what Twitty did to make Jordan giggled shall we? :p

Don't forget to turn up your volume.

Little Jordan giggling. :D