Monday, October 25, 2010

Jordan's Twitty aka Jacque The Peacock

Approximately one month ago I bought another new toy for little Jordan. I saw this funky toy in Jusco's Baby Department and I was grasped by it instantly. Its colors alone are enough to bedazzle me. Immediately I grabbed it and went to the counter to pay for it. This little new toy cost me around RM40 (US$13) but I think it is really a rock bottom bargain. Although it is the most expensive toy that I have bought for little Jordan thus far, this toy is without a doubt a very good toy that can help my little Jordan to grow.

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Jordan~here's a new toy for you.

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
His name is Twitty~o.

My wife and I named this new toy as Twitty because it resembles a bird. But it turns out that Jordan's little new toy is not a bird that can fly. Meet Jacque the Peacock folks. This is another great toy from Lamaze (Learning Curve). Jacque the Peacock is rolled out under Lamaze's Play and Grow series. My little Jordan loves Jacque or Twitty the moment he saw him. He is so excited that he keeps on talking to him and watches Jacque's every singlr movement. I must say that the people from Lamaze has done an amazing job to create such a brilliant infant toy.

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
You wanna play with Twitty or not?

Jacque the Peacock is very special. The moment you saw it you will agree with me. Why? Because its vibrant colors are going to brighten up your day. No wonder Lamaze has branded Jacque the Peacock as a "Play and Grow" toy. Jacque himself is blue in color. He then has 4 different "tails" to entertain little Jordan. Flip Jacque and you will be amazed by the patterns of his tails. You see Lamaze has immaculately designed Jacque for babies to play with them via look, listen and touch. The bright contrasting colors and patterns has certainly excites little Jordan and stimulate his vision. Moreover the rattle, squeaker and crinkle help to develop babies' auditory senses. Then the different textures used to piece Jacque together will refine the motor skills of babies. Now let us look at the different "tails" shall we?

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Look at the different patterns for the different feathers.

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Jacque the Peacock and its colorful tails.

1st tail (Red) houses the squeaker (the green button).
2nd tail (Yellow) is the one that rattles.
3rd tail comes with a mirror for babies to know the concept of reflection.
4th tail is actually made up of 4 different "petals".

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Little Jordan is watching over his Twitty.

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
He will keep on looking at Twitty even though he is holding other toy.

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Jordan VS Twitty. Who will win?

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Jordan of course~Ha :D

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Can daddy borrow your Twitty Jordan?

Learning Curve Toy,Lamaze Toy,Jacque the Peacock
Jordan is all smile with Twitty around. :)

Lamaze has claimed that Jacque the Peacock is suitable for newborn infant right up to babies who are 2 years old. But I believe even toddlers who are 3 to 5 years old will be attracted by its mesmerizing hues right? All I can say that my little Jordan really likes Twitty...opps...I mean Jacque the Peacock a lot. Every time when he returns from the babysitter's place, he will look for his toy. So if you are planning to buy a new toy for your baby, Jacque the Peacock from Lamaze is your right choice as recommended by me and my baby Jordan. :)

What? Jacque the Peacock is cheaper on Amazon? :/

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