Sunday, November 14, 2010

Get More Twitter Followers By Following These 20 People

"Tekkaus! Can you tell us how to get more Twitter followers?" This is a question that I usually get in my Twitter DM (Direct Message) inbox. So I assume that you don't really care (not advisable) who your followers are? Honestly I don't have a blueprint on how to increase your followers base. I use a variety of methods to increase my Twitter followers from time to time. One of the easiest and FREE method to increase your Twitter followers is by following other Twitter users. But not just any Twitter users out there folks.

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Yes! You don't go around adding hundreds of Twitter users randomly. You need to select and pick those so-called "Power Twitter Users." In this case, you will need to follow twitter users with the highest number of followers. Have you followed Lady Gaga already? How about Twitter? So the following are the Top 20 Twitter users based on followers count. By following these top 20 Twitter profiles, I am sure you can increase your own twitter followers. When you follow them, their fans or other Twitter followers might add you. So how much followers will you get? That...I can't answer. Why don't you give it a try and let me know.

20 Twitter Heavyweights To Follow


I hope you guys found this so-called trick useful. I have only use it like...once a long, long time ago and it did increase my Twitter followers a bit. But then again, as I mentioned earlier you should only use this method if your purpose is to solely increase your followers. Then again it is really fun reading their "celebrity" tweets.I hope by following these 20 heavyweight people, you really can increase your Twitter followers. So have fun tweeting ya.